I’m here to help you with all aspects of coping with gout.

If you’ve already found a way of managing gout, I’d love to hear about your experience.

You can ask about gout treatments, triggers, causes or symptoms.
If you’re not sure what gout is, or how it can affect you, ask away on the form below.

I’m very careful about publishing my email address. I respect your right to email privacy just as highly as I want my email address to be respected. I will never pass on your email address to anyone else. I only use your email address to answer your questions or comments about gout. Just use the form below and we can start a private conversation.

Please note, it is much better if you pose your question, or share your experience in the gout forum. I always check the forum first, and you also have the advantage that other gout sufferers can see, and respond to, your comments.

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, I may publish the contents of any message sent via this form.

If you want to leave public messages about anything you see on this website, please add your comments at the end of each article. If you don’t see a comments box, just click on the “No Comments” wording. Please note that I check messages before they are published, so please don’t abuse the facility.

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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Keith!

    Long time! Hope all is well. This is the first time I’ve used this new website. I just posted a new thread but cannot seem to find where it’s at in the forum. I just want to make sure it got posted in the right spot 🙂

    Thanks for your help!

    • If you contribute to the gout forum, you should subscribe to the forum updates. That is by using the form in the right sidebar, that is repeated at the end of every post here.

      That allows you to check your own posts, but more importantly, you can check responses to your posts. When you check responses, please take time to thank the response, and explain how it has helped you, or ask related questions about the response.

      You can check discussions you started following the dashboard link in the main menu above. I intend to add lists of responses to other discussions, but at the moment it is only for new discussions.

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