Can you massage joints to break down crystals?

When is Foot Massage good for Gout?

The interest in massage for gout continues to grow. I’ve summarized the latest information in Massage for Gout Relief. However, questions continue to roll in. Only today, I was asked: “Can I manually massage out gout crystals in my toes?” Now, that to me sounds very dangerous. Inflamed tissue should not be massaged, and I Read More

Lingering pain despite low uric acid

Why is your Gout Pain still Lingering?

Hi All, I need some advice/feedback/comments/input; I decided to tackle my gout 1 year ago and started taking Allopurinol then. Historically my UA was over 7 and I’ve been under 5 for quite some time (6 months). Recently, on the advice of a Rheumatologist, I added Probenecid to my medication which lowered my UA even Read More

Are black beans bad for gout?

Black Beans for Gout photo

Over the years, we have had lots of discussions about black beans for gout. This started when @metamorph shared his, now world-famous, recipe for Black Bean Broth. Despite the popularity of Black Bean Broth as a natural remedy for gout, one question is asked frequently: Are black beans bad for gout? I plan to introduce Read More

Uloric (febuxostat) Treatment for Gout

Why is Uloric so expensive?

I am a 42-year-old guy and have been fighting gout now for about 15 yrs. I have been taking mostly colchicine for treatment and it worked pretty well except for the nasty side effects. To make a long story short I have not got my gout problem under control and it is affecting my life Read More

Does Medical Marijuana Help With Gout?

Medical Marijuana - 100% Natural Narcotic

In tidying the old forums, I repeat the following question in it’s entirety: Hello Everyone I hope this subject isn’t that taboo on the forums, if the admin deems this as an unfit thread for this forums then please remove it at all costs, as I come from a legal state where I was able Read More