Does Medical Marijuana Help With Gout?

Medical Marijuana - 100% Natural Narcotic

In tidying the old forums, I repeat the following question in it’s entirety: Hello Everyone I hope this subject isn’t that taboo on the forums, if the admin deems this as an unfit thread for this forums then please remove it at all costs, as I come from a legal state where I was able Read More

Allopurinol and Liver Function Test

Can gout cause elevated liver enzymes?

I am 41 yoa.  I began having gout attacks (one or 2 per year) in my late 20's.  They were bad attacks, crippling.  As time went on I could manage attacks (mostly with ibuprofen) better and could avoid full blown incidents.  As time went on I tried herbal remedies, baking soda, ect.. with little success.   Read More

New Gout Treatment Goes To Trial

US biotech firm BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc recently announced the initiation of a Phase 2 human clinical trial of the drug candidate BCX4208 in patients suffering from gout. BCX4208, co-developed by New Zealand crown research institute IRL, is a next generation purine nucleoside phosphorylase (PNP) inhibitor, which a recent study shows may have utility in diseases Read More

Bugged By Gout

Xanthine oxidase reduction by quercetin fascinates me. Xanthine Oxide Reducing InsectCan tea, onions, apples and other foods hold the secret for natural gout cures? Lots of scientists are looking, but extracting the active ingredients is hard. This is really bugging me! But, could bugs be the answer? Quercetin is a member of the flavonoid group Read More