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2014 Gout Food Lists Update

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Gout Food ListsNot a day goes by without a request for gout food lists.

Today's was:

Can you give me a complete list of foods that should be taken by a gout patient, as well as the food not to be taken?

How I wish it were so simple.

But it's my job to make it simple.

So here is a simple explanation of gout and food.

Gout has always been associated with food, but there is no simple link between food and gout. No matter how many people, often qualified, try to claim there is.

Gout is a disease caused by too much uric acid in your body.

Your body produces uric acid. Some comes from food in the form of purines, however our bodies produce more purines during cell metabolism than we take from food. That is why, if you are looking to restrict your diet, you should restrict all foods if you are overweight, not just purines. Unfortunately, the focu on purines makes gout sufferers lose sight of the most important aspect of gout diet. You should maintain a healthy weigh through a well-balanced diet. If you are overweight, please see my gout foods to avoid guidelines.

First, you must know your uric acid level. You need regular blood tests to do this.

Second, you must realize that food affects people differently due to several factors. Your uric acid test results will help you understand how your body is responding to changes in your diet.

Third, ignore pain. Easier said than done, but we all try to link food with gout pain, then try to avoid that food. This is pointless, as you have no way of knowing if the pain is coming from increased uric acid (bad) or reduced uric acid (very good).

So keep it simple.

Eat what you want.

But only enough to maintain, or slightly lower, your body weight.

And always enough variety to maintain a healthy supply of minerals, vitamins and other antioxidants. That's where it gets a bit more complicated, and that's where the gout diet forum comes in. Ask your gout food questions, but think about yourself first.

What food do you like? What are your diet goals? How do you like to manage your gout?

There will never be a gout diet that suits everyone, but with the right questions, you can soon build your own gout food lists.

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7 thoughts on “Gout Food Lists

  1. At long last I have found a gout site that seems to be sensible,all things in moderation, that’s why I am here…

    Did not practise all things in moderation,living in Adelaide South Australia,where we are surrounded by great wineries,I got caught in the grip of the grape,great food etc…

    I paid the price,my whole left foot went on me,never knew what real pain was till then…

    I can see this forum is going to be a big help to me from what I have seen,Just came across it today,so much more to to read.

    vik…All the best…

  2. It is nice that someone came up with a site that is dedicated to helping people with gout. My good friend has gout problems and i will surely recommend your site to him. Thank you for noble efforts in helping those in need.

  3. hi, my gout has destoyed half my body,i have had toes explode,knees deformed and elbows is now my nickname.can anyone please help,my doctors tell me i am the worst case they have ever seen ,can someone help?

  4. I love your PH tables, but was wondering if you can eliminate the raw items (like lamb, that most people would never eat raw) and possibly combine the lists into one in alpha order. You may already have done that, or perhaps your lists are downloadable. Great site!

    • I’m planning on some improvements to the tables, as part of the current reorganization. Unfortunately, it may take some time.

      I like your idea of focusing the lists on more usual food items rather than the full USDA database. This might make it possible to produce one full list. Thanks for the suggestion, and I will look into it further, and also look at downloadable lists.

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