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New Gout Remedies Forum Posts

These are new gout remedies topics, with no responses yet. If you understand how to treat gout effectively and safely, please help these people get more out of GoutPal.

New Discussion TopicsLast Comment
 Naproxen (Aleve) For Gout
Naproxen (often sold under the Aleve brand) is commonly used by gout sufferers to relieve gout pain. It belongs to a class of drugs called NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), and so it should never be taken with other NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, indomethacin, etc. NSAIDs are not gout-sp [...]
Sat 2 Jun 18 - 04:35
 Lisinopril and Gout
[This Lisinopril and Gout discussion moved from old forum August 2009] My Experiences with Lisinopril and Gout Lisinopril belongs to a group of drugs known as ACE inhibitors. These drugs are used to treat hypertension and a number of other maladies. I was put on Lisinopril approximately three [...]
GoutPal HelpDesk
Fri 25 May 18 - 09:48
 Prednisone For Gout
In an earlier discussion about prednisone for gout, we had a lot of contributions, but no conclusions. I summarize the main points of the discussion below, but first let me introduce prednisone as one of many gout remedies for pain relief. Prednisone for Gout 2018 For the latest information, ple [...]
Keith Taylor
Thu 3 May 18 - 03:15
 Gout Remedies Help - Your Gout Remedy FAQ
Help Using GoutPal Gout Remedies Forum GoutPal websites help you choose the best gout treatment options to suit you. If you are unsure of the best gout remedies for your situation, this forum can help you. It is rare for a gout patient to only need one gout treatment. This can make it complicate [...]
Mon 4 Dec 17 - 06:34
 Gout Cures Debate
The natural gout cures debate is to discuss issues raised by the Natural Gout Cures To Lower Uric Acid pages in the Gout Treatment Section. It complements other topics in the Gout Treatment Section, and you can see a list of all relevant debates in the Gout Treatment Forum Guidelines. Allopurinol i [...]
Mon 4 Jan 16 - 07:37
 Uloric Label Changes
Today I updated the Uloric prescribing information to reflect the changes to the liver warnings (hepatic effects). Uloric has been available since 2009, and ongoing investigations have prompted an update to warnings about possible affects of Uloric on the liver. I always maintain that it is mu [...]
Mon 4 Jan 16 - 04:41
 Gout Remedies Forum Introduction
The revised Gout Remedies Forum is now active. I will soon transfer some old gout treatment discussions into this forum. The gout treatment phase of your journey to gout freedom is often the most complicated. You need to work with your doctor to find the best choice of remedies that will suit you [...]
Keith Taylor
Sun 1 Feb 15 - 01:52
 Gout Home Remedies Debate
This Gout Home Remedies discussion marks progress on reorganizing the Gout Diet Section and Improving The Gout Forum. There is an overlap between food and drink topics, and aspects of diet that can form part of your Gout Treatment. Gout Home Remedies are food or drink products that can help relieve [...]
Thu 25 Apr 13 - 01:31
 Anyone using resveratrol for gout?
I have started tidying the gout cures pages, and looked for updates on the resveratrol research. Unfortunately, though there are more studies showing that resveratrol can lower uric acid, the studies are still on animals. I was rather hoping that some human studies would be available by now. S [...]
Keith Taylor
Mon 3 Dec 12 - 06:04
 Allopurinol and ACE inhibitors
In conjunction with my reorganization of my Allopurinol And Other Medicines pages, I have moved an old forum message here. Please join the discussion if you have any questions, opinions, or experiences of allopurinol with other medicines for high blood pressure. The earlier discussion started [...]
Fri 23 Nov 12 - 01:19
 Allopurinol And Azathioprine
Allopurinol is great for gout patients, but what if you have other diseases? Over the years, we have had several discussions about other diseases because many gout sufferers have other health problems. One significant is the use of allopurinol for kidney transplant patients. Azathioprine (comm [...]
Fri 23 Nov 12 - 12:41
 What do you think of the new Gout Guidelines?
I introduced the 2012 gout guidelines as a summary of the key points, with a promise to review the details. There have been various mentions of the new guidelines around the Internet. The best I've seen so far is an interview with one of the gout guidelines Task Force Panel, Dr Fitzgerald. The [...]
Sat 17 Nov 12 - 07:41
 Will colchicine save your heart?
I've just spotted an interesting news item about colchicine and the risk of heart attack. The news reported in The Australian Hub describes a study in Perth Australia, that is being presented to the American Heart Association sessions in Los Angeles today. The doctors were struck by the same p [...]
Fri 9 Nov 12 - 04:38
 Indomethacin Gout Treatment Discussion
Indomethacin is the most commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory treatment for gout. Until recently, "3 Indocin a day" has been a valid alternative to proper control of uric acid. No longer. Rheumatologists have made it clear that the best approach is Treat To Target, and target is safe uric [...]
Fri 9 Nov 12 - 01:00

Live Gout Remedies Forum Posts

These are active discussions about gout remedies. Please see if you can improve the discussion with your opinions and experiences.

Live Discussion TopicsLast Comment
 Two weeks and two days since starting Allopurinol (13 comments)
How long does it take for allopurinol to work? It depends on your personal circumstances. So, tell me your gouty details, and ask in the gout forum. [...]
Keith Taylor
Thu 2 Mar 17 - 07:53
 Gout Article: The Lancet, Jan 2010 (2 comments)
Here's a tophi photograph from the report: Deposits of uric acid (tophi) in the ear (A). And, within the skin on finger joints (B) You can read the full report at the link above. Please note that some reports are restricted to current GoutPal members. Membership is free for everyone who posts in [...]
Keith Taylor
Thu 2 Mar 17 - 06:57
 Diclofenac For Gout (3 comments)
Hi Keith, I just came across your post, i just suffered my 2nd gout attack, first being 7 years ago. I couldn't get a doctors appointment immediately so went to the pharmacy to see what they suggested for relief. In Australia you can get Diclofenac OTC at the pharmacists discretion. I took 50mg ( [...]
Paul Devine
Fri 5 Aug 16 - 10:04
 Uric Acid Level is 9.0 (5 comments)
You need to know that gout does not come and go, though gout flares usually do. Once you get gout, you've got it for life. We all know the terrible pain of a gout flare, and we are happy when it goes away. But that does not mean that gout has gone, it just means you have a temporary period of time w [...]
Keith Taylor
Sat 26 Apr 14 - 02:10
 Allopurinol And Alcohol Debate (18 comments)
"Uloric and Alcohol: they are both bad for your liver" What!!! Alcohol is not bad for your liver Excess alcohol can cause liver disease, but if you are drinking at that level it's an alcoholism issue, not a gout issue. Anyone taking Uloric or allopurinol should get a liver function test within one [...]
Keith Taylor (GoutPal Admin)
Mon 31 Mar 14 - 04:01
 started Allapurinol need advice.. (4 comments)
Thanks Keith. Just read your post above & let me tell you it is the most informative thing I've ever read on my condition since I first became a sufferer 10 yrs ago. I'm in a similar situation to Neil. I am 50 and started having gout attacks when I was 40. Very infrequent at first - but recen [...]
Wed 4 Sep 13 - 05:42
 Time To Cure The Gout Treatment (2 comments)
Sorry Ane, but there is no uric acid test meter available to the general public that can test uric acid without strips. In any event, I always recommend that gout patients get uric acid tested by their doctor, unless they have exceptional circumstances. This might be convenience, or a desire for [...]
Keith Taylor (GoutPal Admin)
Mon 27 May 13 - 03:48
 Is Doctor Allopurinol Killing You? (16 comments)
I am 60 years old and in good shape. I had a massive gout attack three weeks ago in my big toe and foot generally. I tried aleve for a week with limited results. I took percocets at night to get sleep. Even then it was still painful. My doctor got me on colchicine 2X .6 mg twice daily. The pai [...]
Sun 19 May 13 - 08:05
 Vitamin C and Gout (2 comments)
I don't know if I can post this here or not, but please check out this book, Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C. Go to Amazon and check out all of the reviews. I was reading about Vitamin C at a website that has some excellent info about it, and I found this link to that book. It's by Drs. Steve [...]
Mon 8 Apr 13 - 12:18
 Stubborn Gout Pain (14 comments)
Also, Getting rid of gout pain is an important part of getting rid of gout. I will soon announce a free gout support service that will help you stop gout. If you want to know how to get rid of gout pain, please see my Get Rid Of Gout guidelines. [...]
Keith Taylor (GoutPal Admin)
Wed 6 Feb 13 - 04:05
 Tophi And Allopurinol (27 comments)
Also, please note re "get rid of tophi super fast." Getting rid of tophi is an important part of getting rid of gout. If you want to know how to get rid of tophi from gout, please see my Get Rid Of Gout guidelines. [...]
Keith Taylor (GoutPal Admin)
Wed 6 Feb 13 - 03:57
 Take Gout Treatment To The Next Level (4 comments)
Great news, Roger. I try to take a personal interest in everyone who visits here, though some I would personally be interested in kicking 😉 I have seen various reports on the time it takes to reduce tophi. Time varies from months to years, and it is quite difficult to assess properly. Mea [...]
Keith Taylor (GoutPal Admin)
Tue 8 Jan 13 - 07:13
 Allopurinol Side Effects - Remedies (1 comments)
I'm extremely sorry that I have not made the purpose of GoutPal Interactive clear. I'm also sorry that you are experiencing one of the known allopurinol side-effects of alopecia, but I will come to that in a moment. This gout forum is here to help explain and improve the gout information on my ma [...]
Mon 26 Nov 12 - 11:16
 Taking Allopurinol, stopped Colchicine and have flare ups again?? (1 comments)
Hi stewartv72, Your question is very interesting to me at the moment, as I am revising my allopurinol guidelines to try and highlight your situation, which is very common. My thoughts are: Allopurinol dose is quite meaningless as a general number. Obviously, as a gout patient, your prescrip [...]
Fri 23 Nov 12 - 12:31
 Rash- Allopurinol Related? Need your opinion please (4 comments)
Hey Frank. Honestly, I've considered everything. I don't think it's shingles though. From the pics I've seen of shingles, my rash looked different. Also, mine did not blister or burn...aside from a little bit of itching, was pretty much symptom free. [...]
Fri 16 Nov 12 - 12:14
 Rasburicase and Gout (2 comments)
It is unlikely that rasburicase will be adopted as a mainstream gout treatment. It often produces an immune reaction, and only extreme medical cases warrant the risks of treatment. The other form of uricase that I mention in the article is pegloticase, now approved as a gout treatment, and marketed [...]
Keith Taylor (GoutPal Admin)
Thu 8 Nov 12 - 02:12
 Allopurinol Advice Needed (35 comments)
It is brilliant, hawkeyez, to know that your gout is getting better, and your uric acid level is safe. I'm tempted to be a party-pooper and explain that fixing gout by lowering uric acid always takes several months. The first few months are often painful, as our bodies react to old uric acid crysta [...]
Sun 4 Nov 12 - 11:26
 Does Medical Marijuana Help With Gout? (2 comments)
You will never get pain relief with uric acid at 7.85. I do not care if the statisticians decide that 7.85 fits within their mathematical normal range. The statisticians at a different lab will have a different range, so with them, you may be normal, or you may be high. It is totally irrelevant t [...]
Mon 22 Oct 12 - 10:51
 Colchicine Side Effects (2 comments)
Powerful drugs like colchicine need powerful gout pain management plans, like GoutPal's Gout Pain Freedom. http://www.goutpal.com/3898/pain-freedom-or-gout-freedom/ Colchicine should usually be taken one or two per day. If taken at the first sign of a gout attack, that is normally enough. If 2 pe [...]
Keith Taylor
Fri 12 Oct 12 - 04:44
 Does Alkaline Water Help Gout? (2 comments)
There is a lot of talk about high-alkaline water, water ionizers, and other artificial attempts at alkalizing the body. There is some evidence to support the health benefits of alkalizing the body, but this only works with healthy diet choices, not by artificial supplements. Artificial supplementat [...]
Keith Taylor
Thu 4 Oct 12 - 12:36
 Allopurinol (3 comments)
In the old gout forum, someone asked: Any "bad" long-term effects of Allopurinol? So the consensus from nearly everyone is that this drug has been around forever and is very safe "long-term." Is there any statistical information that shows it can cause damage? Or what are the cons of long-term [...]
Keith Taylor
Wed 3 Oct 12 - 04:29
 Liver And Allopurinol Side Effects (2 comments)
I have re-opened this discussion about liver and allopurinol side effects. Side effects with allopurinol are rare, but can be serious, so should never be ignored. Recent guidelines have highlighted specific racial groups as being high risk. It is wise for everyone, irrespective of racial origi [...]
Keith Taylor
Wed 3 Oct 12 - 03:54
 Acupuncture for gout ? (1 comments)
I have only written about acupuncture for gout once so far. As you can see from the summary, I managed to break my record for number of puns in a single paragraph. I know from other people that acupuncture can be very effective at relieving pain. Personally, I have never had the opportunity to try [...]
Keith Taylor
Mon 1 Oct 12 - 02:44
 Who Wants Free Colchicine? (10 comments)
First off, allopurinol is different. It is part of the long-term treatment plan for gout that permanently removes all risk of gout pain. There are several ways to do this. Allopurinol is the easiest and most common way, but all rely on maintaining uric acid no higher than 5mg/dL. It can take many [...]
Keith Taylor
Mon 17 Sep 12 - 09:05
 Is Ural Powder For Gout Safe? (13 comments)
Hi Timothy, I agree with your "comments about baking soda and water for gout". So I wrote Dangerous Baking Soda For Gout. To other gout sufferers contemplating the baking soda for gout myth, I think you should read that first. Then you can discuss baking soda with other gout sufferers. [...]
Keith Taylor
Thu 30 Aug 12 - 09:41
 Is my gout treatment plan good enough to stop pain recurring? (1 comments)
Hi Jonathon, Welcome to the gout support forum. I hope you do not mind, but I changed your post title, and moved it to a more relevant place. This should attract better responses from experienced gout sufferers who know what it is like to be in your position. I'm sorry that the forum guidelines a [...]
Keith Taylor (GoutPal Admin)
Thu 23 Aug 12 - 12:13
 Colchicine Killer Crisis (53 comments)
Hi Michael, I'm sorry you have been troubled by goutispainful29's comment, but if I censored everyone who came here with strange views, I would never have time for anything else. Please always remember that the right way to treat gout is to make sure your uric acid never goes over 5mg/dL (0.30 [...]
Sat 17 Mar 12 - 10:48
 Home Cure For Gout (21 comments)
This discussion is now closed. I have replaced it with separate discussions for natural pain relief (Gout Home Remedies Debate) and natural uric acid lowering. I have also introduced a specific discussion for Black Bean Broth as a natural remedy for gout. [...]
Thu 20 Oct 11 - 10:15
 Treatment For Gout - Guidelines Chart (2 comments)
I only edit posts to remove self-serving links. The key to your issues lie in "blood chems showed [a]uric acid levels too low to cause gout" The use of low/normal/high etc is pointless when referring to uric acid numbers. You must know (and share) the exact number complete with the scale. A si [...]
Mon 10 Oct 11 - 10:01
 Graph Uric Acid Level (6 comments)
This is why you should follow my Uric Acid Test Kit guidelines before purchasing a meter. Understand why you need one, then buy from a reliable source. As many people have testified in the gout forums, the UASure meter is reliable, and a real help for controlling uric acid where you cannot rely on a [...]
Fri 22 Apr 11 - 10:41
 Is Krystexxa Ready To Make Its (Uri)Case (4 comments)
Thank you for that, 606david. I hope you don't mind, but I've changed your link to my review of the Krystexxa press release, which has a link to the original. I'll add a complete pegloticase summary soon. [...]
Thu 16 Sep 10 - 07:40
 Professional Gout Advice (7 comments)
Evidently they weren't allowed to comment to me one way or another, but my GP confirmed the results on many occasions over the two and a half year period. I left a more detailed description of the trial, testing and results in the welcome forum under my post "Nice to meet you!" I'm really excited [...]
Fri 18 Jun 10 - 07:00
 Gout: Much More Than Big Toe Pain (8 comments)
Thank you for all your comments. If you are looking for what stops gout pain, please consider GoutPal's Stop Gout program for a personal gout treatment plan. This discussion is quite old, and has lost it's focus. I will close it now, but please feel free to continue discussing big toe pain, [...]
Sun 25 Oct 09 - 09:13
 Can Aspirin Treat Gout? (10 comments)
The risks of high dose aspirin leading to bleeding in the stomach is too high to consider safe use for Gout -without in-patient monitoring and invasive sampling IMO. [Ignoring other known side effects] [...]
Mon 21 Sep 09 - 03:11
 Allopurinol Drug Recall (3 comments)
The only recall that I am aware of is the Europharm one in Hong Kong. If you have had a different recall, please share the details of who recalled them, and why. [...]
Sun 13 Sep 09 - 03:48
 Gout and Antioxidants (10 comments)
gout forum guidelines [...]
Sun 10 May 09 - 11:46

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