GoutPal Log-in Help

The easiest way to log-in to GoutPal is via social networks. Please note that, if you dislike social networks, Google offers a very secure login process that you can use for email, personal search, secure backup, and other Google services without using any social activities. I highly recommend that you take advantage of Google’s free services, and use your Google account to log in to GoutPal. The only personal information I will ever see is your name and email address.

I explain about logging into GoutPal using Social Networks below. However, you do not need to be a member of any other network to join GoutPal. You can join GoutPal as a free member, or choose any other GoutPal Membership Options. Anyone can join as a free member. Free membership lets you login to update your Personal Gout Profile, or to post in the gout forums.

GoutPal Free Membership Registration

Registration is very simple. Just click the Register button at the top left of any page, then fill in the details. Please note that you must supply a valid email address, as a confirmation link will be sent to you with your password. If your registration email does not arrive within a few minutes of registering, please check your email spam folder.

If you have any difficulty registering, please raise a help desk ticket by clicking the orange Support button on the left of any page.

GoutPal Free Member Login

Logging in is a very important part of your gout recovery. You should log-in at least once a week to maintain your Personal Gout Profile. You should also log-in on as many days as possible to create new topics, or reply to existing ones. Daily interaction with other gout sufferers will significantly reduce your gout recovery time.

The Log In button is at the left of the black menubar that floats at the top of each page. Once you log in, the menubar changes, and your name shows at the right. If you hover your mouse over your name, you will see several options that help you enjoy your GoutPal membership. Please note that, on smartphones, and some computers with narrow screens, your name will be replaced by your profile picture.

If you cannot see the Log In button, you can follow this link: http://www.gout-pal.com/wp-login.php

GoutPal Social Membership Registration and Login

To Register or Login from social networks, simply click your chosen icon from:

If your preferred social network is not in my list, please let me know by clicking the orange Support button. If you cannot see the orange button, just raise a new gout support ticket.

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