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GoutPal’s gout diet pages show you how to choose the best food and drink to suit your gout treatment plan. You can make dietary choices to help that plan. I explain food and drink as gout treatment in my Gout Remedy guidelines. If you are unsure what to eat, or what to avoid, this forum can help you.

Gout is not an eating disorder, and dietary issues are often overrated, but gout patients still have to eat. I believe your gout diet should help your gout treatment plan, not hinder it. That means that reviewing your diet to suit your treatment plan can help you on your journey to gout freedom. However, trying to change your diet without a gout treatment plan is a waste of time.

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 Walking With Gout
I have replaced this June 2011 walking with gout discussion with Should I Walk with Gout. But you can still read the old details below. But you will get better gout walking information if you follow the links in this announcement: Walking, Swimming and Gout Update 1. Keith has updated Gout and [...]
Thu 26 Jul 18 - 01:06
 Is Minced Meat Food To Avoid With Gout?
I get many questions about gout, from all over the world. Here's one I answered today from Romania about Foods To Avoid With Gout. The original question is preceded by >, and my answer is in italics. > I am from Romania. I have been suffering from gout for almost 4 years and now I am on Allopu [...]
Mon 4 Jan 16 - 07:42
 Protein Rich Foods & Gout Debate
I'm currently investigating guidelines for protein rich food and gout. 'Official' advice seems, at best, vague, and at worst, confusing. At this stage, I feel we may well have to develop our own guidelines in order to have meaningful guidance on how to approach protein in our gout diet managemen [...]
Mon 4 Jan 16 - 07:37
 Potential Renal Acid Load
Yesterday, I was asked for information about Potential Renal Acid Load. This is usually abbreviated to PRAL. Though PRAL is a precise calculation based on certain nutrient values in foods, it is not an exact measure. It is a shortcut measure to assess the affect of foods on the pH of the body. E [...]
Thu 25 Apr 13 - 01:35

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 Gout And Alcohol Debate (37 comments)
I think AlexB75 sounds a bit like me. Though 60 now, and got my first gout attack three years ago, I was eating all the wrong things and drinking a lot of beer. When I figured out my swollen toe was gout, I ordered a home test kit and got a reading of 9.0. With no health insurance,I ordered allopuri [...]
Sun 28 Jul 13 - 11:09
 Recipes For Gout (3 comments)
Hi, Keith & everyone, Been trying to find more recipes since I'm not eating much meat. I'm doing as Keith said, that is, to have it sometimes as a treat 2 or 3 times a week. It's working good for me. I'm not deprived at all. And I do have to find alternative sources of protein. Right now [...]
Tue 7 May 13 - 09:40
 Gout Diet Forum Introduction (2 comments)
I surely didn't word the last sentence correctly. I meant to say "those plant estrogens, maybe they can help lower your UA." Sorry about that. [...]
Thu 11 Apr 13 - 12:01
 What Are Purines? (1 comments)
Till now i have only heard that meat, alcohol and some of the vegetables like cauliflower, beans, lentils contains more purines so persons with gaut need to avoid them for reducing the uric acid level. [...]
Sat 12 Jan 13 - 04:24
 Flaxseed Oil and Gout (3 comments)
I have taken 2 Tbsp of ground flaxseeds daily religiously (even though I don’t believe in the figment of imagination of a god) for about eight years, and I for one, can definitely state that it has done NOTHING for me during the worst time of my 28 year gout history in 2008 through 2010. So why a [...]
Sat 29 Dec 12 - 08:04
 Do You Know Any Gout Foods? (1 comments)
In the old forum, Katie, concerned about her Mom, asked: Are gluten free foods okay for a person with advanced stage of gout? I carefully watch her diet avoiding those "bad gout" foods. I was hoping to find some alternate cereals and breads just to offer some variety from rice and white flour. [...]
Tue 6 Nov 12 - 09:06
 Diet For Gout And Weight Loss (8 comments)
That was a nice diet for gout and weight loss report. I have cut out purines, but now I realize I need to control my weight. I will study the information in your gout diet pages Thanks, hc gouty. [...]
HC Gouty
Wed 24 Oct 12 - 02:05
 Don't Get Hung Up On Gout Diet (11 comments)
Thank you for your question, as it has prompted me to improve this page, and link to Sensible Gout Diet Restrictions (An overview of the way food affects gout. How gout diet restrictions are only sensible in the right context.) To be safe, we set 5mg/dL (0.30mmol/L) as the safe upper limit for ur [...]
Fri 9 Dec 11 - 12:58
 Free Gout Diet Plan (4 comments)
I am having my second attack in four months. I have been eating some foods in moderation, like my doctor recommended. It did not help. Now I'm not eating anything from the avoid foods list. I am going to start an exercise regiment, and drink lots of water. We will see if that helps. I refuse to live [...]
Marlene Laudermilk
Fri 4 Nov 11 - 01:59

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  1. Till now i have only heard that meat, alcohol and some of the vegetables like cauliflower, beans, lentils contains more purines so persons with gaut need to avoid them for reducing the uric acid level.

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