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    Ron Avery

    I found this recent article on “treat-to-target” serum uric acid with Allopurinol.

    They state:

    “The investigators concluded that allopurinol was “generally well tolerated” during the study, seeing no new safety signals even at doses above 300 mg/day.”

    They also state:

    “However, despite encouragement to treat to target, 300 mg was the most commonly used dose and significant proportions of patients did not achieve target serum uric acid levels,” they observed.”

    Keith, I believe you been saying this all along. Allopurinol is safe (for the majority of people). And we should be educating our doctors to increase Allopurinol dosage until our target uric acid is met as they are reluctant to do so even though there is evidence to the contrary.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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