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    Al O’Purinol

    I have gout and lots of uric acid build up, I have been getting better for the past year now and I'm really starting to see some light at the end of the tunel; I can do my old workouts and almost at the point where I feel I can run again, after 15 years of limping around…

    The Bad news is as follows:  I have prostatitis and it looks like it is a clymidia infection and I will need to take long term antibiotics to cure it.  I know antibitics are bad for gout and this is how I got so jacked up two years ago, taking ciproflaxin for prostatitis.  I will ask my Dr but figured I'd ask some others in this forum, which antibiotics are better for gout?  I have to believe some are worse than others?

    Does anyone had any factsof links as to how and how much uric acid antibiotics produce in the body?  I feel like I'm in a catch 22 and I'm really getting bummed.

    THanks.  Dr Buff

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    This really needs professional medical advice.

    Here is an image (not very good quality) from “Effects of aminoglycoside antibiotics on renal antioxidants, malondialdehyde levels, and some serum biochemical parameters”

    Antibiotics and uric acid

    The first shows an increase, the last a decrease, and the other 2 little change. I have absolutely no idea if these antibiotics are relevant to your condition.

    I think the best approach would be to pick the best antibiotic for the job, and check uric acid before and weekly, then balance any increase with allopurinol

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    Dr. Buff,

    Azithromycin (Z-Pak) is a good drug for chlamydia, probably the antibiotic of choice, and it has very little effect on uric acid and will work well for chlamydia (and gonorrhea.) You can even take it in ONE BIG DOSE if you choose. But beforehand, it is best you get a culture done so you know exactly WHAT bug is causing your prostatitis becasue there are many causes and prescribing long term use of one antibiotic after another is not good treatment.

    Alas, most doctors are too lazy to get a culture done…it is easier to scribble onto an Rx pad.

    More importantly, how are you treating your gout? Do you know your serum uric acid levels?

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    I have got toothache for last 2 days and I went to the dentist today. He has prescribed me Azithromycin 500 mg day 1 and 250 mg  a day for next 5 days.

    I am currently taking 300 mg Allopurinol and Tenormine 25 mg for BP control.

    I was taking Colchicine till recently but I stopped it few days back. My Colchicine dose has been 0.6 mg tab on Dec 3, Dec 6 and Dec 9, after which I have not taken any Colchicine. So, it is 3 tabs this month with last tab on Dec 9.

    Is it safe to start Azithromycin now? I think, cjeezy has earlier reported some problems with Z-pack while he was taking Colchicine, though in my case I have stopped it 5 days back. I have not started taking Azithromycin yet.

    I am not creating separate topic as it is related to antibiotics and gout (medication), which Dr Buff has already created.

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    I live next door to a dentist, and his experience is that most infections of this type clear-up by themselves within a week. He will not prescribe antibiotics until a week has passed, but then a longer course to make absolutely sure that the infection is killed and cannot come back stronger.

    Is your doctor available by phone or email for a second opinion?

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    There are a lot of dentists who will not do anything to an aching  tooth that might have infectedd down into the gum (abcess) until the infection is cleared for fear of spreading a septicemic blood infection.

    This goes double for anyone with a heart condition or any kind of vascular implants upon which a bacterial colony might establish itself resulting in endocarditis or periocarditis.

    In most cases the antibiotic is overkill but it's protection against the rare cases that can be fatal.


    The Z-pack and allopurinol should be fine to get you through your dental work.

    (I LOVE Z-packs…for me they have INSTANTLY cured a couple cases of bronchial pneumonia.)

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    My toothache is from the tooth that has a lot of decay and is half already lost. So, there are roots and small portion of it( it is actually one of the wisdom tooth, ironically I had it rotten)Laugh that is causing this pain.

    I was going to get it extracted last year but than ran into some family tragedy which took many months to get through and help the family, and before I can get back to normal things, got into this Toe injury and gout.

    Tooth was hurting again on Saturday with trobbing pain and that's why I showed it to the dentist. I have taken Ibuprofen for last 3 days and the pain is now contained, recovered almost 90% . I have reduced the Ibuprofen dose today and if the pain does not come back, I may wait for some more time before the extraction. if the pain returns, no other choice I guess.

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    Don't wait too long to get the bugger out; a septicemic infection from a bad tooth can be horrific, even fatal.

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