Bread and Gout

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    Hello all! I want to know the affect of bread and other similar products on Gout. I read somewhere that beer can in order words can be called 'Liquid bread'. Have you heard/read something like this? Last week I had a couple of sweet buns (Big size) and around 8 croissants in a span of 2 days. And this week I m going through my 2nd gout attack in a time of 2 months. Any suggestions/insights?


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    I would not think that there are any similarities betwqeen bread and beer. Both are starches fermented with yeast but in bread the yeast is killed with heat and with beer it is filtered out.

    Beer is dehydrating, bread is not.

    Refersh my memory, what medications are you taking to treat your gout? What is your serum uric acid?

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    Whether bread affects gout is a moot question. Gout is so individual that what for one may be irrelevant can trigger an attack in another case.

    I, personally, have found modern wheat a problem- mostly in the digestion area but affecting sleep, gastric balance and weight issues.

    Try 'Spelt' as an alternative. it's a non hybridised  traditional grain, not gluten free as such ,but better tolerated by many. It is expensive unless you bake your own- which I now do.

    Adding Millett flour  [~10%] will help alkalise the loaf but is very bland tasting.

    [Try millett flakes in muesli also- but not too much again due to 'soapy' taste.]

    Keep yeast,salt and sugar to a minimum  [~ 50% of recipe amounts] and tolerate the heavier loaf style. It will take some weeks to notice the difference. 

    Let us know if you try it /have success. Feed back is important here.

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    Hi Zip and Trev!

    @ Zip. When I got my latest attack(supposedly bcoz of eating a lot of bread),the week before my UA was 5.1 mg/dl. I am not sure what brought in the attack but it might have been a combination of dehydration+physical excercise and wrong food. I was in a vacation as I have mentioned above,hence there was a bit of change then the usual routine and diet followed.

    @ Trev. I have started baking my own bread and m trying to keep the bread from the bakery to a minimum. No yeast and very little salt. I had eaten such bread thrice last week. No sign of any attack as of now.I also went for a blood work on Saturday. So let's c the results. I will post it.


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    JUNE said:

    UA was 5.1 mg/dl. 

    Most likely, old uric acid crystals revealing themselves, aand nothing to do with food/drink

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