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    Hello Gouters,

    After scouting the internet for gout-related information, I agreed with the Gouters here at GoutPal that this web site is packed with objective and helpful information on Gout. The GoutPal Adminstrator ought to be commended for his efforts in creating and maintaining this excellent web site!

    With that introduction aside, y’all know by now that I’m a beginner at this painful & dreadful disease! In browsing through the blog, I was wondering if it would be helpful to add personal case studies from those who’d like to add/share their experiences so that others may be able to gain – however they see/deduce from it – from the cases. I can assure everyone that I would never in anyway shape or form, promote treatment plans and/or products. The case study would/should be personal to each individual, however the person decided to form his/her own treatment. This way, we’d have collection of case studies, albeit unscientific, from the actual Gouters to share.

    Thoughts, comments???



    Keith Taylor

    We need an example to understand what you mean, so please let’s start with your personal case study, Binh

    Later this week, I will be opening up new ways to contribute, which will suit longer posts, and beyond that I will be introducing tracking facilities that let gout sufferers build their own case study as it happens. If you cannot wait for that, please send me a message on the contact form (, and I will give you access to the long message features.



    This gout thing is not going away anytime soon so I’ll wait till you’recool ready Keith.


    Keith Taylor

    “not going away anytime soon”
    Why not?

    Please do not tell me you are waiting for a case study facility to fix your gout!surprised

    The process is simple enough – which is why there is no urgency for the new features I mentioned.

    1. Confirm your gout diagnosis
    2. Agree a gout treatment plan with your doctor
    3 Assess your diet to see if any aspects conflict with your treatment plan
    4 Fix your gout, and get uric acid tests at least once a year for life to ensure gout stays away.

    Most of those four steps are simple, but if anything is not, that is what the forums are for.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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