dark urine

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    Hi all,

    Yesterday, and also this morning, i've had very dark urine. Didn't notice forst thing in the morning, but noticed about lunchtime. Yesterday i tested PH straight away, and it was very, very acidic. So, drunk 2 ltrs water and also took baking salts. Next reading a few hours later, it was back to normal PH.

    I thought it was a one-off, but today was exactly the same. Now i'm getting worried.


    History: Gout on/off for 10 years, one crippler a year and a few limpers. After 3 years of losing weight and getting fit, i went on a bender in October that lasted till a few weeks ago. 2 days after Xmas, i was rushed to hospital and it turns out  i had kidney stones (and thought gout pain was bad until i experienced that !)  They never passed, but also never came back to haunt me – i presumed that they were uric stones, and bicarb'd myself up and just presumed that they had dissolved. Since the hospital thing, i've been on Allu (200mg) for the first time and get readings of between 5 and 6 normally. I've had many small attacks since (limpers) but put that down to the Allu getting rid of 10 years of stored acid in my body. I'm still drinking far too much alcohol, but got a pretty good diet although i'm not bothering with purine-low foods, just a balanced diet (except mussels, which are my trigger food!)


    I thought that i had been drinking plenty of water over the last couple days, but it's been unseasonably hot, and maybe i just dehydrated (although no gouty feeling in the toes at the moment, so who knows). Any other ideas why my urine has been so dark, and so acidic ?


    thanks for any comments….

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    There are two very serious illnesses that cause dark urine. The first is hepatitis or any other itis that shuts down the liver. The destroyed red blood cells that are normally made into bile in the liver stay in the blood and spill over into the kidneys. A component, bilirubin, spills over into the urine and turns it brown, even coffee colored. This is jaundice and is often accompanied by intense itching.

    Similar happens when muscle cells are destroyed either by trauma or by a drug reaction. This is called rhabdomyolysis.


    Now if what you are decribing is a deep yellow bordering on orange, then not to worry, it's probably dehydration. A salty meal and lots of water should straighten you out.

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