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    Hello fellow sufferers, having gout is just a pain in the butt isnt it? Im a 23 year old male and I've experienced attakcs of gout on and off now for about 4 years now. It runs in my family, but I hear that its rare for people at a young age like me to have this problem. Seeing how it runs in the family, my dad has all the gout medicine on hand already that he keeps insiting me to take such as alluporinal and colchine. But I've did some research on such medications to find out that in the long term they are really damaging for the body, so Ive been researching on the web as to other ways that can help manage this problem that we have. I ran across a product called Gout Cure and have read a good amount of customer surveys and testimonials. What attracts me to this prodcut is that it claims to be 100% natural made from herbal medicines. I am curious to see if anyone here has tried this product and would just like to have some feedback regarding this matter, or maybe even recommend something that can be done to help with the gout, besides the normal watch your diet, drink lotsa water, because Im already practicing all that right now, but would just like to take preventiive future measures.


    Try this by all means, and share your experiences here. Personally, I do not see how this can work, but I'm willing to be proved wrong.

    It is vital that you have regular uric aicd checks to see if this is doing any good. Uric acid fluctuates from day to day, and through the day, but you should see the average falling.

    If uric acid does not fall consistently below 6mg/dL, you are wasting your time and money. This is the only way to tell if it is working or not. Pain is not the issue here – only uric acid measurement is important. Uric acid can still build up when the gout pain has gone, but the crystals will still attack your bones and you will end up in crippling pain later.

    By the way, this is the same formula as Uricinex – the makers claim that Uricinex simply copied GC.


    I have ordered Uricelax and G-joint. I was taking the uricelax (ranked #1 out of 7 I looked at) and my uric acid level came back at 9.4. Maybe I did not take it long enough, but between the two it had the most ingedients for gout relief. It was expensive, and so far I cannot say it did anything.


    Jimmy, I really appreciate your input in the forum, and I do not want to upset you, but this really makes no sense.

    Why would you reject proven gout medication for the rest of your life, then invest megabucks in this type of treatment?

    From your other post, I can understand why you don't trust your PCP, but why throw good money away every day on a bunch of herbs?

    Please take some time to think this through.

    At 40 you feel too young to be on medication for the rest of your life. This is a painful part of the ageing process that I still find hard to come to terms with. It is actually no big deal. Hopefully, there are lots of things, like breathing, that you will do everyday.

    Taking allopurinol everyday, under the guidance of a doctor who understands gout, can be a surefire way to enjoying the rest of your life. OK, it won't help with all of life's traumas, but at least you'll be free from gout pain.

    Taking these so-called gout cures will only reduce your bank balance. OK, that's just my opinion, so take weekly or monthly uric acid tests whilst you take these products, and prove me wrong.

    Gout is too complicated for the average doctor to understand. The peddlers of herbal gout products don't understand gout either, but they do understand how to play on your fears to extract cash from your pocket.

    Whether it's a slick salesman with his beautifully packaged herbs, or an incompetent doctor with his poorly packaged gout treatment plan, there is only one question that matters.

    Will it maintain my uric acid level below 6 mg/dL?


    Hi All

    I have suffered gout since the age of 16….Servere gout…runs in the family…I can tell you a lot….I have tried goutcure…I imported it from NZ to South Africa..cost me a arm and a leg…WASTE of TIME and money…

    I suffered for years….lots of visits to clinics..doctors in the mornings…for injections…..

    Went to see a specialist……Allupirinol is the way to go….It takes time getting on it…and there is “recipes” to ease you onto it….but I lived many years with 300mg a day…..and no gout….I went to work in Africa and ran out….been battling for a long time now getting back on….

    Just make sure you do this with the help of a specialist…not just a GP…they dont understand Uric Acid. etc….


    Hi Stefan,

    I have also been suffering with gout since I was 21/22 years old, it is an absolute curse!! I need your opinion, I have been on 300mg Allupirinol and 1mg colchicine now for about 4 months, the problem is that I get more attacks than ever and if I skip one day not taking cholcerine I have a full blown attack the next day! My dad is on 300mg Allupirinol now for years, says it works wonders for him. Is this normal? Should I continue?? MY GP's knowledge is poor and honestly I think I know more than him by now about Gout.


    Be very careful Helmuth.

    Just because your dad is OK with 300mg allopurinol, does not mean that that dose is suitable for you.

    The dosage is not important in itself – only the effect on your uric acid.

    Without details of your uric acid level counts, it is impossible to be certain. The biggest danger of under-dosing is that it just prolongs your agony. Of course, 4 months is very little time to get rid of all the uric acid crystals in your body, if you have remained untreated for a long time.

    Tell us more details about your last few uric acid level checks, and we might be able to offer better advice. There's at least one allopurinol veteran who can give you the benefit of his experience.

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