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    Hi all, I have just been diagnosed with high Uric Acid (8.5) and was prescribed Allopurinol. Since then I have been reading up on everything I can find on the internet about Allopuinol and Hyperuricemia and was wondering if someone could help me understand a few things regarding treatment. First, I have recently started drinking alkaline water and this is supposed to help lower uric acid levels, but I am wondering if this temporarily causes levels to rise as Uric Acid is being dissolved and is in solution in the blood until it is passed out. Also the the same question about cherry juice or other remedies that dissolve Uric Acid crystals. Secondly, Allipurinol how long does it take to see lower Uric Acid numbers and does it make you feel lousy. I am trying to feel better not worse.


    One of the many good things about allopurinol is that you can stop worrying about diet. A good thing, as alkaline water and cherry juice will do nothing to lower uric acid. For your general health, you should still plan a healthy diet with respect to calorie intake, and a good range of nutrients, but you can forget about purines, which the allopurinol will handle.

    There is always a slight risk of temporary rises in uric acid levels as old deposits dissolve (to be clear, this is a function of allopurinol, not alkaline water). The best way to handle this is to make sure your allopurinol dose is sufficient to lower uric acid level to 3 or 4 mg/dL. That way, any temporary rise will not cause a problem, and it also means that old uric acid deposits dissolve quicker. Once you have gone 6 months without any signs of a gout flare, you can relax the dose to maintain uric acid level around 6mg/dL

    Allopurinol reaches maximum effectiveness in around two weeks, though whether you see better numbers will depend on the dose. For example, I started on 100mg (which is a good starting point to check that there are no allergic reactions). This had no effect on my uric acid number, and I am now on a schedule of 4-weekly assessments to increase the dose until I get it where I want.

    I have not experienced any bad effects whatsoever (currently on 400mg). I have been taking 1 colchicine morning and night for one week from the dosage increase. I've reached the end of the week, so stopping the colchicine today. I'll keep the bottle nearby just  in case I get a twinge (colchicine works best if taken at the first sign of an attack).

    Some people have reported allopurinol side effects of drowsiness etc. I think you have to be careful here. Taking new medications, doctors visits, and general concerns about gout can easily invoke anxiety, and many of the reported side effects are very similar to symptoms of anxiety. I say, Relax and enjoy a worry-free life.



    Thanks very much for your response. I will go ahead with my treatment plan with a better outlook.

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