How often do I check Uric Acid Levels?

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    Hello All, I have had gout for about 5 yrs, but just got diagnosed last week. I did not know it was gout although my family and friends were say, “its probably gout.” Last night was the second attack within 3 weeks. Basically it started 3 weeks ago, last few days was walking better, but yesterday’s walking around at work triggered something, plus Mondays drinks probably did not help as well.

    My Uric Acid was at 9.4 last week, I have been reading this site for about four hours now and feel, better informed. About 5 in the morning, with the pain I was asking my wife pretty much all the questions that have been brought up here.
    I will be getting some blood work done on Friday, which is one week after I took my last blood test.

    The Question that I have is how often can I get blood work done once a week, twice a week what would be acceptable?

    And what is the cheapest way to check Uric Acid levels?

    I want to track this UA and bring it down to 6.0 if I can before I hit the meds.

    Thanks for all your advice for the gout


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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