Uric Acid levels

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    I am new to this forum and find the info here invaluable. Thank you very much for all the info.

    I had 2 gout attacks last month and gott my Uric Acid Levels yesturday. It is in mmol/L – 0.44 ansd I was wondering how do I translate it to the mg/dL value. As all the discussion in this forum is done with these values I woiuld like to know how much I have above the 5 top border.


    Also – I plan to buy a uric acid testing kit. Any recomendations for a good and reliable one ?


    Thank you for your help !!



    Hi Guy, and welcome.


    I have put a uric acid calculator on the main website. If you ever forget where it is, just type calc in the search box at the top of the page, and use the first result. To save you looking for now, it is 7.4 mg/dL.

    The most important fact you have to remember at all times is that once you have had a gout attack, 0.30mmol/L is your top limit. Do not listen to anyone telling you you are normal, or some other meaningless label. The lab results that return reference ranges are simply reporting statistical norms, and they do NOT apply once you have had a gout attack.


    The medical upper limit was around 0.35mmol/L for a long time, but British rheumatologists have set the safe limit at 0.3mmol/L. This allows a good margin of safety to cover natural fluctuations in uric acid levels and to cover lower temperatures which lower the crystallization point of uric acid.


    Also on the main site, details of uric acid level tests at home. Those units can be easily set to either mg/dL or mmol/L.



    Thank you for the CONVERSION widgit.

     It has always driven me NUTS, it is just a number that will NOT stick in my head.



    Thank you for that.


    Indeed my results came back with the indication that normal level are up to 0.43, a fact that made me happy as I had it boarderly (aqccording to them) – 0.44.

    I understand now that I have a long way to go and some hard work to get to the REAL desired levels.




    Yes, I really hate those reference ranges. At normal body temperature, uric acid crystallizes around 0.4mmol/L. With lower temperature common in the extremities, it is no wonder Normal Uric Acid Level + Normal Room Temperature = Gouty Big Toe.


    I prefer it when doctors use medical science rather than statistics to guide their diagnosis and treatment. I also wonder how many more health conditions are totally mismanaged due to this obsession with making people average.



    Yeah, I hate the one size fits all approach to healing. They think were all a bunch of clones.


    You aint seen nothin yet, limpy


    Just wait til they realize that, within the bounds of statistical significance, the global human average number of breasts = average number of testicles = 1


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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