GoutPal Membership Options

I've compared the GoutPal membership options below. Standard membership is free, so please see how to log in to GoutPal. Please let me know what additional membership options would be useful to you.

Most membership options are free of charge. If you can afford it, please consider becoming a GoutPal Patron. However, if you need extra help beyond what you can afford, let me know and I will try to provide everything you need within your budget.

GoutPal Membership Options

You can use GoutPal as a member or as a non-member. Each choice has two levels:

Status Basic Membership Level Advanced Membership Level
Non-Member   Anonymous Non-Member Guest Non-Member
Member No-Payment Membership Paid Membership

Select the services you need from the comparison table below, then get started with whichever level suits you best. If you are not sure, use the orange Gout Support button to tell me what you need. I will advise you on the easiest option to suit your situation.

GoutPal Membership Comparison

GoutPal Membership Options photo

Option Anon   Guest   Member   Patron  Notes
Cost Your
I prefer you spend time,
before money.
GoutPal.com Gout Guidelines and Gout Blog Read Read Read Read All GoutPal.com is now Read Only
Personal Gout Management Plans Read Forum Full Custom Help is available to guests in the forum. Patrons can ask for any help they need
Gout Support Forums Read Write Full Custom
Gout Questions Read Read Comment Custom Gout summaries and subject indexes
Gout Search Full Full Full Full Best way to find current gout information
Get Started Search and Browse Ask Now or orange Gout Support button Register then Log In Pay below

GoutPal Patron Membership

Patron membership only $10 per month. Membership starts immediately. Your first post might be held for moderation. Once accepted, all subsequent posts are published immediately.

Or get 12 months for the price of 10:

New Membership Options will be announced in Keith's Learners List. It costs nothing to subscribe to this list - just enter your email address below. You will get advance notice of new learning options. Subscribing to the list has no obligations, and you can cancel at any time.

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