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GoutPal Membership is free to everyone.

The most important thing to note is that you do not need to be a member to read any of my gout information. All GoutPal content is public. It can be read by everyone. Simply follow links to find what you want. Better still, use the gout search page to find anything you want. I've also added a search box near the top of each page, so you can search as soon as you think of a topic you want more information on.

You only need to become a GoutPal Member if you want to post in the gout forums, or use other GoutPal Network Services. I also run some services through third parties. To access these, you might need to join those third party services.

If you just want help with your gout, please ask in the gout forum now.

GoutPal Network Membership Services

You can read all about GoutPal Network Services at About GoutPal’s Gout Network. Here's a snapshot of the current services:

Gout Forum Description Start new topic
Help My Gout! Discuss any aspect of gout. Share your questions, experiences, and opinions here. New general gout topic
Gout Emergency Room If you need gout help fast, please use the emergency gout forum. I check this forum first. New Gout Emergency
GoutPal Member Profiles Create your personal gout profile to help you manage your gout better. New GoutPal Member Profile
GoutPal Suggestion Box GoutPal can always improve. Tell me how to make it easier for you to control your gout. New GoutPal Suggestion
Gout Management Plans For gout problems that go beyond a simple question and answer session. Get structured, personal guidance to plan your way to gout freedom. New Gout Management Plan
Gout Resources Forum Discuss gout resources that you have tried. Ask where to find better gout products and services. Promote your own gout resources (without exploitation). New Gout Resources topic

If you just want to chat with like-minded people, there is also a General Discussion Forum.

GoutPal Third Party Membership Services

My third party services require you to use an email address. Some of the services require additional information. I will never share your email address or other information with anyone else. I will only use your information to provide you with relevant gout information that you have asked for.

GoutPal Forum Updates

To keep up-to-date with progress, please subscribe to my GoutPal Forum Update service:

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Subscription is free and your email address is safe - I will never share it with anyone else.

For more gout info update services: Gout Info Update Service.

GoutPal Facebook Chatroom

Please Like GoutPal's Gout Chatroom.

GoutPal Google+ Circles

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GoutPal Twitter Stream

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GoutPal Helpdesk

The easiest way to access GoutPal helpdesk is to click the orange Gout Support button. Also, there is a helpdesk form at the foot of most pages. Otherwise, raise a new gout helpdesk ticket now.

GoutPal Text Message Support (UK Only)

For details of my free United Kingdom text message support service, please see Free Gout Text Help Service

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