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Anonymous gout help is the first level of gout support from GoutPal.

Although I specialize in providing personal gout help, I realize that many people prefer to keep health matters private. I totally agree with this. In a perfect world, all health issues would be resolved privately between you and your doctor.

Unfortunately, I realized over 10 years ago that we do not always get the best gout advice from our doctors. I started GoutPal to investigate the best ways to treat gout. I researched gout and discussed different treatments with fellow gout sufferers in the gout forum. Eventually, I found ways to manage my gout, and ways to help you manage your gout. Along the way, I realized that every gout sufferer is different. We all have different symptoms, causes, attitudes to treatment, and different reactions to treatment.

The top professional rheumatologists realize this. They advocate personal treatment targets for all patients based on that person’s unique circumstances. There is no standard treatment for gout. However, there are recommended approaches.

I have summarized the best approach to treating gout in the gout help pages. You will note that I place great emphasis on maintaining a personal gout profile. Though I provide such a profile, you cannot access it anonymously. However, you can still use the format for your own private gout profile.

When you use a gout profile properly, you have all your personal gout facts at your fingertips. These can be hand-written notes, word processor file(s), online documentation services, or whatever you feel most comfortable with. With these facts, you can discuss gout with your doctor, giving you the best chance of a swift recovery.

In addition to your personal gout facts, I recommend making a note on your profile every time you have a question. These can be general questions about how gout works, or personal questions about how gout affects you. As you find answers, you can strikeout the question, or record your answer.

Once you get into the habit of maintaining your gout profile, my Anonymous Gout Help service is available whenever you want.

GoutPal’s Anonymous Gout Help Service

Anonymous Gout Help photoAlthough most of GoutPal’s Gout Support services are interactive, you still have read-only access to a wide range of services:

Gout Guidelines
Important facts about gout and uric acid
Gout Blog
News about all aspects of gout
Gout Symptoms Plan
A framework that you can use to develop your own personal plan to assess your symptoms and get a correct diagnosis
Gout Treatment Plan
A framework that you can use to develop your own personal plans to treat gout pain and control excess uric acid
Gout Forums
See what other gout sufferers are discussing
How to manage your gout *
How to make the right personal choices for gout diagnosis and treatment. Includes examples of different approaches to many common aspects of gout.
How to maintain an effective Personal Gout Profile *
Which personal facts are important, and how to record them.
Gout discussion summaries *
Summaries of old discussions and indexes to current ones.
Gout Search
Find answers to your gout questions by searching all of the above.

Items marked * do not have structured index pages, but they are included in gout search results.

You also have read-only access to my external gout help services. The amount of access you get without logging in is determined by the relevant service provider. My external gout help services are:

Gout Help Circles
Google Plus gouty streams, posts, and comments
Gout Help Chatroom
Facebook gouty chitchat
Gout Help Tweets
Twitter pearls of gouty wisdom (?!)
Gout Help Desk Knowledge Base
New in 2015, this knowledge base is a growing collection of tips that help you ask gout questions in the right way. This saves your time, and gives you the best chance of getting relevant gout advice quickly. You can search or browse GoutPal’s Gout Help Knowledge Base at any time. Simply click the orange Gout Support button that appears at the edge of most pages.

Beyond Anonymous Gout Help

With 13 different gout help services available, you might think you do not need more. However, all the Anonymous services are read-only. These are extremely useful for learning how to manage gout. However, as gout management must be personal, you might need further help applying best practice to your situation.

I recommend that you ask your doctor for that personal help. With access to your medical history, and professional medical training, that should be your best way of getting personal gout management.

If you cannot get that help from your doctor, or if you don’t understand your doctor’s advice and explanations, I can help you. At higher service levels, I can help you work with your doctor to get the best personal gout management plans.

My other levels of service are:

  1. GoutPal Guest Gout Help
  2. GoutPal Member Gout Help
  3. GoutPal Patron Gout Help

I am currently preparing notes on these service levels, and I will link to them as I introduce them.

Please note that you can access most of the other service levels by using a “throwaway” email address. There are hundreds of online services that allow you to create email addresses. You can use such a service to create your own online gout persona that disguises your personal facts. If you do this, I strongly recommend creating a gmail account with Google. If you only ever use that address for GoutPal services, you can be absolutely certain that your privacy is maintained.

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