Low Salt Tomato Juice

Fruit or vegetable juices are great for providing hydration we need for gout and a good supply of alkalizing antioxidants.
As many gout sufferers also have high blood pressure, low salt tomato juice is a quick and easy snack food that ticks many good for gout boxes.

Some fantastically tasty fruit and vegetable juice recipes are heading for my website as I write. But, sometimes, a simple tomato juice drink is all we want, as one of our fellow gout sufferers explained:

I love to have a glass of tomato juice at breakfast, but I'm having difficulty in finding tomato juice products that are low in sodium, maybe close to zero.
Hope you can help.

One 64oz bottle

Six 32oz bottles

Oh, yes - I can help. In my fridge lies a lovely litre of delicious tomato juice containing a mere .4g salt (.2g sodium) per 150ml. The recommended daily amount of salt is 6g, so this stuff certainly qualifies as low sodium. Just nip down to your local Co-op.

Now I suspect that the person asking about low sodium tomato juice is not UK based, home of the historic Co-operative Wholesale Society. No worries (at least if you live on US mainland). I have found a source. And you thought Amazon was just for books.

Make your selection from the two offerings on the right, and we will both be happy. Both these low sodium juices contain 140mg per 8oz serving. This is less than a quarter of the sodium in standard tomato juices.

It would be nice, if your try either of these juices, if you let us all know how good they are.

If you are not in the UK or USA mainland, please let me know if you need a low salt tomato juice source (I've always been a huge fan of tomato sauce).

Similarly, if you know of a good place to buy low salt tomato juice - or anything else that gout sufferers might enjoy, please share.

One final idea that you might like to consider - make your own. I'm not sure how easy this is, but my friend Sara from Juicing-For-Health.com is bound to know. I'll ask her for some tips, and in the meantime, you might like to learn some juicing lessons for yourself.

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  1. I have found that before an attack i have usually had tomato juice 5-7 mornings rather than 2-3 times that week with breakfast

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