Newest Gout Treatment Is The Oldest

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The FDA have just approved a new gout pain relief treatment - Colcrys.

Turns out it is just our old friend colchicine, rebranded by URL Pharma.

This could be the biggest non-news gout story so far!

There is some benefit to gout sufferers - clearer dosage information. But fruit juice addicts need to be wary.

As part of the approval submission, URL Pharma have done dosage tests and conclude that lower doses than the "traditional" 4.8mg per day are just as effective. They suggest that 2 tablets (1.2mg) followed by a further .6mg tablet one hour later is the best dose.

The colchicine drug guide provides an extensive list of drugs that might interact with colchicine. Included in this list is grapefruit juice. Note that other potential CYP3A4 inhibitors include pomegranate, Seville oranges, pomello and star fruit.

12 thoughts on “Newest Gout Treatment Is The Oldest

  1. The Statin drug I took ,just twice with Colchicine, is also not to be taken with Grapefruit – and I can assure readers that you definitely wouldn’t want these two drugs together many times, so they have even more in common.

  2. Is there any indication that plain old unapproved Colchicine will no longer be available?

    A person posted this on another list and said Colcrys would be from $300. to $800. a month for persons taking it daily for FMF.

    • This only applies to USA where Colcrys is marketed. I see no reason for existing manufacturers to stop producing it generically, unless they see more cash from taking the same path.

      Gout patients need to be firm with their doctors and insist on the generic version.

      In fact, we need a complete boycott of Colcrys to underline the folly of this type of action.

  3. To the group and to History Chaser:

    I know History Chaser. My data is factual and I do not lie. What you have read in what I have written on my list is the truth so far as I have been able to find it at this point.

    The manufacturer of colcrys is suing all USA pharmaceuticals who presently make generic colchicine. At this point, I can find no manufacturer who is still producing it. My pharmacist has 500 tabs on hand and is unable to find anyone who will be able to deliver more.

    Price for generic colchicine has been about 11 cents per 0.6mg tablet.
    Price for colcrys is going to be approx. $5.00 for 0.6mg tablet.

    Except for the fact that I will DIE without colchicine treatment which completely stops the production of amyloids leading to death for FMF patients, I would agree with the complete boycott of colcrys.
    Secondly, I will be unable to afford colcrys in any case.

    I am terrified that I will go back to being bed-ridden and in excruciating pain, and DIE because I can not afford colcrys. I do NOT want to DIE.

    Someone needs to look into price fixing.

    • Nancy, I’m shocked, but I’m sure we can do something to help.

      First step is to co-ordinate a united response. If you think this needs a separate website, I can set one up. Otherwise we can use yours.

      We need to find ways to hit URL Pharma in the pocket, as this is the only way they will relent.

      I’ll put some ideas together and get back to you ASAP.

  4. Cochicine is a very old treatment.
    It is derived from crocus pollen and can be produced in traditional ways.
    Agreed, it a dangerous drug to overdose on @~ 0.5mg treatment level and therefore to be treated with much respect.
    Big Pharma is not geting your respect right now- so some research into alternatives could be a welcome distraction for you right now!

  5. trev,
    Herbal colchicine is so diluted that using it is of no benefit to FMF users. Trying to find other ways to get it may take me to Israel at least via e-mail for ordering from them:-)

    Look forward to hearing more from you guys. I have written to every politico I can think of plus the FDA, Pharma itself and LOTS of media and tv show hosts here in the States. Look forward to hearing more from you.

  6. This is not good.

    Nancy, can you share the contact information at the FDA that we can send our concerns to as well? If we all focus on one point at the FDA, it may elicit a real effort on their part to listen!

    Thanks everyone for jumping on board!

  7. I am an FMF patient and I live in Argentina. The standard colchicine dosage in Argentina is 1.0 mg and the current price is about 35 cents/pill. That is about double the price from 2 years ago but it is manufactured locally and the pills are scored if one wants only 0.5 mg. It sounds like the savings accumulated over a year would easily pay for a round trip air ticket.

  8. As a newly diagnosed gout sufferer (I did not know I had it for the last 7 years) and having just bought colchicine (for a very bad flare up) over the Farmacia counter for 1.5 Euro for 30 500 micro gramme tabs. It made my life bearable (max 8 grammes in 4 days and then 3 days rest). I now just take 1 tab a day with 300 grammes of allpurinol and life is worth living again. I am glad I now live in Spain and not in the US as all the FDA seem to do is make medical treatments more expensive thus up goes the health insurance costs.

    This Colcrys discussion is now closed. Please see my Colcrys (colchicine) guidelines for the most current information. If you have questions, please ask in the gout forum.

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