Nuts And Gout

Are you worried about nuts and gout?


We have had many discussions in the gout forums about nuts, but none so far have been constructive. There is really no connection between gout and nuts, and no relevant investigations that I can find.

I cannot find any studies that relate nuts to uric acid, either up or down. In the forums, people have asked about almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts and peanuts. Nobody has ever said why they are asking.

There are two possible connections that I can think of, and both have a connection to my guidelines on planning diet for gout sufferers.

  1. Nuts are a source of protein that avoids animal purines. In this regard, they should be beneficial to gout sufferers, but only as part of a nutritionally balanced healthy diet.
  2. Nuts are generally high in calories. Excess calorie intake is strongly associated with excess uric acid and gout. Therefore portion control of nuts is essential to ensure they do not form an excessive percentage of energy provision in a nutritionally balanced healthy diet.

It seems to me that gout sufferers become obsessed with individual foods, such as nuts, because they have the wrong approach to gout diets.

Though diet is often discussed in relation to gout, it is rarely done in the right way. First you have to plan a properly balanced, nutritious diet for gout sufferers. If that does not solve gout problems, you have to analyze total diet, and look for individual improvements.

So, if you are worried about nuts and gout, my answer is still the same question. Why?

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