Gout, Old Injuries & Rashes???

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Hello! I’m wondering if anyone else is having these issues… I’m a fairly healthy, active man, almost 60. I started having Gout attacks about 10 years ago. Due to my very physical past, I wasn’t diagnosed with gout for the first 2 years. Since I raced off road motorcycles and cars, fought forest fires, rode Read More

Allopurinol Drug Recall

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Allopurinol Drug Recall For Europharm’s Purinol Purinol – a brand of allopurinol manufactured by Europharm Labs of Hong Kong – has been recalled. Tests have revealed the presence of a fungus called Rhizopus. Shipments have been refused entry into Macoa. The Department of Health in Hong Kong has withdrawn Purinol from sale, and is investigating Read More