7 Weeks of Pain & swelling, Can this still be gout?

How many weeks does Gout last?

This started some 7 weeks ago, woke up with what I thought was a typical gout attack as I have had them before. After some 10 days of swelling & pain I decided to see my PCP. He didn’t suspect it was gout and ordered UA Level test along with an xray. UA Level was Read More

Abstaining from alcohol brings on gout flares

Drinking Alcohol During Gout Attack

for years now whenever I have decided to have a ‘quiet week’ per say, it seems to only take 3 to 4 days before I get a twinge but bizarrely the last two attacks, which have been bad, have stemmed from abstinence and detox dieting. I went on a fat-free alcohol-free diet after New Year Read More

Can you massage joints to break down crystals?

When is Foot Massage good for Gout?

The interest in massage for gout continues to grow. I’ve summarized the latest information in Massage for Gout Relief. However, questions continue to roll in. Only today, I was asked: “Can I manually massage out gout crystals in my toes?” Now, that to me sounds very dangerous. Inflamed tissue should not be massaged, and I Read More

Does Medical Marijuana Help With Gout?

Medical Marijuana - 100% Natural Narcotic

In tidying the old forums, I repeat the following question in it’s entirety: Hello Everyone I hope this subject isn’t that taboo on the forums, if the admin deems this as an unfit thread for this forums then please remove it at all costs, as I come from a legal state where I was able Read More

Allopurinol and Liver Function Test

Can gout cause elevated liver enzymes?

I am 41 yoa.  I began having gout attacks (one or 2 per year) in my late 20's.  They were bad attacks, crippling.  As time went on I could manage attacks (mostly with ibuprofen) better and could avoid full blown incidents.  As time went on I tried herbal remedies, baking soda, ect.. with little success.   Read More

Gout in toe is ridiculously painful!

Gouty Toe photo from Alopurinol Forum

I have now been taking 300mg of Alopurinol daily for close to a month now.  Just last week I had my uric acid levels tested and got the result back last Thursday.  My level was 5.7 which I understand is pretty good.  While starting the Alopurinol I expected to feel some discomfort in some joints Read More