Are my readings high enough to start Allopurinol??

Hi, First time posting, but lurked for a while. Now feel I need some advice. I am a 39 male, 19st, 6ft and I have suffered from gout off and on for about 4 years. The first attack was bad and was in the left big toe. It went and came back after maybe a Read More

Where did you get pain after taking Allopurinol?

Pain after taking Allopurinol? Hi, I am new to this forum and new to gout. I am 47 years old and had bunion surgery about 8 weeks ago; the surgeon and I were surprised that he found a lot of uric acid crystals in my foot. He said this is a positive identification of tophaceous Read More

Gout attacks after starting allopurinol

OK. Here goes: Gout for at least 15 years. Infrequent attacks. Uric acid as high as 13 mg/dL. Since 2009, used steroid based medication successfully to treat attacks. Attacks became more frequent (monthly) starting 4th quarter 2011. Started allopurinol 600 mg daily since June 2012. Uric acid = 2.4 mg/dL – 3.7 mg/dL. Attacks still every month. Read More

Starting Allopurinol (Again)

Hello All, First I want to say thanks for this great site. There is so much info on gout on the internet and most of it is contradictory or commercial. Its nice to see such a well maintained database of truly useful information and I appreciate that. I am 31 years old and was diagnosed Read More

Allopurinol and Liver Function Test

Can gout cause elevated liver enzymes?

I am 41 yoa.  I began having gout attacks (one or 2 per year) in my late 20's.  They were bad attacks, crippling.  As time went on I could manage attacks (mostly with ibuprofen) better and could avoid full blown incidents.  As time went on I tried herbal remedies, baking soda, ect.. with little success.   Read More