Uricinex: Does It Work?

March 16, 2007 in Gout Remedies Forum For Gout Treatment

I’ve been asked about Uricinex today.
Though, I’ve heard of it, I know very little about it.
My first question is “Uricinex: Does It Work?”

After a quick look at a site promoting this product I decided to search on Google Scholar. Result – nothing! This concerns me. Scholar indexes scientific research and other factual information. I use it all the time when looking for information on gout that I can rely on. It’s results cannot be 100% relied on – just because something is a result of scientific research, doesn’t make it true. However, it is a good source of traceable information, that can usually be independently investigated and verified.

Now, if you search Google Scholar for brand names, you might expect to find no results. Most scientific research looks at generic products or specific medications. The reason why I was hoping to see something is that the site promoting Uricinex claims impressive results from independent clinical trials. I want to see those trials in full – not a marketing department interpretation.

For now, I’ll have to comment on what I see in the sales pitch.

The starting point for the study claims average initial serum uric acid at 5.8 mg. No indication of ranges is given. Gout sufferers normally have uric acid levels over 7 mg, so are these really gout patients? Were they taking any other gout treatments?

The pitch continues with a table showing almost 1mg fall in uric acid after one month. It also shows interim figures after 15 days of 0.5 mg. Again, this is an average figure, with no indication of the range of results. Now a 1 mg change over one month is not particularly significant. It is easily achieved through diet changes, or increased fluid intake. A simple soup used in a study that I’ve adopted as part of my Gout Diet Plan reduced uric acid from 7mg to 6mg in 14 days (I’ll be writing more about this uric acid reducing soup soon).

Most damaging is the final graph which dramatically suggests that uric acid will fall below 2 mg after 7 months. This is nonsense. First it’s a projection that has no factual basis. Second, this is too low for uric acid. The benefits of uric acid are outside the scope of this article, but the aim of any treatment should be to reduce it to between 6 (better 5.5) and 3 mg, not to eliminate it.

It is unsurprising that the 2nd most popular search for Uricinex information is “uricinex truth”

I’ll continue to investigate the answer to “Uricinex: Does It Work?”. It may well be that the active ingredients have some beneficial qualities. I’ll research yucca leaf, artichoke leaf, milk thistle leaf and turmeric.

On the other hand, if you want to do your own research, you will have to buy Uricinex. The most competitive prices I have found are at Amazon, but please let me know if you find cheaper. Also, when you buy Uricinex in UK, or Uricinex in America, a small commission helps keep GoutPal’s support services free.

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10 responses to Uricinex: Does It Work?

  1. As well as my specific worries about Uricinex, I also have some general concerns about non-prescription gout remedies.

    My biggest concern with this, and most other treatments, is that you may not support it with regular blood tests. I believe that, however you seek to lower uric acid levels, you should always have regular uric acid level checks.

    If you do not maintain uric acid levels below 6mg/dL then uric acid crystals can continue to build up. This does not always cause immediate pain, but it can lead to joint damage which will cause pain.

    Another concern is that, if the product does work, you will still get gout pain from existing gout crystals already in your joints. This is a side-effect of all successful gout treatments. Anyone who has had a history of gout attacks should supplement any uric acid lowering therapy with appropriate anti-inflammatory pain relief.

  2. I have been taking Uricnex now for ten days after having a very bad case of gout. I have taken two pills, three times for about ten days now and I am still experiencing some pain. I was also taking colchicine and indomethicine, the pain went away for a couple days but has returned. I am now doing a body cleanse with carrot juice and extreme diet.Dan Nightingale

  3. Wim said on June 18, 2007

    I’m a male and have been suffering from Gout since I was 21y old. I’m 39 now and have had surgery done a number of times to remove Tophi.

    I’ve consistently used prescription drugs to get rid of the pain (colchicine and anti-inflammatory.

    However, for longer term management of my uric acid levels, the Dr prescribed allopurinol (Zyloprim). This has never worked for me, in fact even with a modified diet,I ended up with more pain than ever before. I never took the drug when I had gout, only when I no longer had the pain/symptoms.

    I’ve been to a specialist, and he suggested using colchicine and allopurinol together – this did NOT work as well.

    I started using Uricinex. After a number of days using this ‘wonder’ drug I’m experiencing more pain instead of pain relief.

  4. Wim said on June 18, 2007

    Thanks, I read your article – very, very informative and definitely useful.
    It does create confusion when companies advertise ‘instant relief’. They explain the end (result) but fail to mention the means!

    I’ll stick to Uricinex and will keep you updated on the progress (good or bad)!.


  5. Hi Wim,This is exactly what happens when you lower uric acid. Please read my page about allopurinol treatment and my article Allopurinol Medication – Why It Hurts To Get Rid Of GoutNote that I mention allopurinol, but the same thing applies to any uric acid lowering treatment.Though dissolving existing uric acid crystals can cause pain, it is vital that you get rid of them. The surgery that you are having to undergo is one bad effect of long term gout. The other effect is gradual joint damage causing even more, permanent, joint pain.Please work with your specialist to keep your uric acid below 5 (some say 6) mg/dL. You will certainly need to back this up with pain relief, but it is vital that you take the allopurinol (or alternative) every day. Once you start taking any uric acid lowering treatment you must not stop until all existing uric acid crystals have dissolved, irrespective of the pain. If you do, the crystals form again and you are back where you started. Once they are gone, you might be able to lower dosage or even stop for a while, but it is vital that you continue to have frequent uric acid level tests.

  6. I have been suffering with gout on and off for a few years now and was relying on Naproxene from my GP. This time the Naproxene hasn’t worked for me and I was told about Uricinex which my brother has tried and hasn’t had any gout since he started taking the tablets. I have read your article on levels of uric acid and was wondering how this is measured.

  7. URICINEX – My own experience.

    Summary – I totally believe URICINEX works for me – I have seen some really bad press about the company that seels it but it works 100% for me and has changed my life.
    My story: I was 1st diagnosed in May 1999 – I changed my diet a bit and am against chemicals as dignosed by UK Doctors. I Searched the net and came up with alsorts of advice. This year I’ve heard gout is oftena result of a gene and diet isn’t going to send it away.

    I found a site that talked about the use of Apple Cidar Vinagar as a way of controlling Uric acid level. I gave it a try and it WORKED !! I took an egg cup of Apple Cidar vinagar, mixed with a cup of warm water and honey (for taste) and took this every morning and night. Its hard work but GOUT is worse. I did this for a year or so and was attack free. Then thinking I had “cured” my condition I stopped. Within a couple of months the attack from hell. I spent the next few months on the edge of an attck, unable to wear soft shes that did not support my feet and one particular hill I walked down would bring on an attack 100% of the time. I thought I would never run again or be able to play football with my son.

    Having fought the Doctors chemical option for 5 years I gave up and went for my prescription. In desperation that night I did anlother seach and found URICINEX. The advertisment was very boastful and being desperate I was ready to try it. That was June 2006. In August 2006 I sent the Doctor his unopenend prescription back and informed him what I was doing – He already thought I was mad due to the Apple Cidar Vinager route so this was just another mad idea for him. 2 years later I have not had an attack, my feet feel as if they have been rebulit, I wear whatever shoes I like, I play football with my son AND I even palyed in Dads tournements at the school and that hill – I jog up and down it without a thought. I really believe it has changed my life.

    There is an old chap in our village and his hands were swollen to 3 times the size with gout. I offered his son some URICINEX. I asked a month later and it worked, he can use his hands again. He’s in his eighties and still grows veg.

    The reason I found this thread is that I searched for a web site to buy my next batch as my company network have bloked the micronutra site thinking its drugs !

    Well there you have it – I have no idea it it will work for anyone else but I will not be without it and the Doctor can stick his chemicls where the sun don’t shine !


  8. I see little difference in processing a few plant extracts to make a gout treatment, and developing a few chemical compounds. In both cases, you take something over and above your daily food intake in the hope it will help gout.

    In the case of prescribed medications, there are more controls than with alternative treatments, but both drugs and natural remedies are trying to do the same thing.

    Unfortunately, in both cases, there is a complete lack of focus on the main issue. Is uric acid low enough to prevent new urate crystals forming, and low enough to dissolve existing crystals?

    Anything less is simply putting off the day when joint damage reaches the point of crippling permanent pain. And the longer you put this off, the less able you are to cope with it. Don’t be fooled by lack of pain. You can still get a slow uric acid crystal build-up without intense swelling and pain.

    Whether you choose prescription drugs or alternative remedies, you must track your uric acid levels.

  9. You say “You must track your Uric acid levels”. I want too, but how ? The last GP told me there is nothing I can do its a gene. He decided there was no point in me having a blood test. Mind you this is the same GP that has prescribed chemicals to my wife for 5 years now for depression and it hasn’t worked. Funny that.

    All I know is that my attacks have gone away and I can use my feet. I have had zero side effects and have just ordered another $400 worth to see the year out. I am happy. Allopurinol as precribed by my Dr. is knopwn to have side effects (heart problems a possibility) and although is a 10th of the price is no use to me.

    I note another writer has tried several things incuding Uricinex and Allopurinol and neither have worked for him. Seems we’re all different. I am not certain but I think the advice from the Uricinex folk was to try for 30 days at least to build up a level of defence.

    I wish all gout sufferers the succcess I’ve had what ever solution you find !

  10. i’m looking for a distributor of uricinex in south africa urgently. used it and relief all symptons, now can’t find a ditributor

    please help me urgently many thanks

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