What are the best shoes for gout?

For years I have had Gout, I have been tested and it is Gout.

Anyway, Doctors think it is odd but I get gout attacks from simply changing shoes. They are not cheap tight shoes but no matter what quality simply changing into different shoes will bring on an attack. Also just bumping my foot on something or twisting it wrong.(playing guitar will get my wrist or finger too)

Does anyone else have issues with shoes. I hate wearing crocs everyday


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3 thoughts on “What are the best shoes for gout?

  1. Any man’s shoe that narrows to the front bends the big toe in towards the other and the stress point of this bending is the bunion joint. Probably in barefoot communities this PODAGRA torment is practically unknown.

    Though they may not be as fashionable as they were 10 or 20 years ago, try to find a shoe with a large toe box. THat trend started in Scandanavia decades ago and for a while became THE thing…but we seem to be back to the same old – same old where the widest part of the foot, the toes, is constricted into the narrowest part of the shoe…it’s just nuts to wear those “cockroach killers” (term of derision for pointy boot that can kill a roach in a corner.)

    The widest part of a man’s shoe should be the front.

    It’s a good thing that gout is uncommon in women otherwise there would be a lot of women in wheelchairs showing off their $800 Manholos.

    Has anyone seen the “newest thing?” They look like gorilla feet and have TOES in them. World class runners are training in them and the poop is they will sweep the world, but I haven’t seen them in shoe stores yet and I suspect they cost a fortune. But you couldn’t wear them to the opera.

    • Those “gorilla feet” shoes are Vibram Five Fingers. They look very comfortable, but I wonder how easy they are to wear if your foot is swollen with a gout attack. If anyone tries these shoes for gout, please share your experience here. [That is a paid link from amazon.com. Vibram Five Fingers are also available at amazon.co.uk and amazon.ca]

  2. I have found that my foot feels more comfortable in one type of shoe( 4X wide walking shoe by Reebok) while it feels uneasy and painful in some other wide toe shoes( the post op shoe that was very easy on foot in the early stages).

    It has not triggered any attack but makes it really tough call everyday morning as on different days, same shoe does not feel good.

    I am given special sleeve that separates the big toe and it helps reduce the pain when I walk. So, everyday morning I have to try few shoes that I have to see which fits me best on that day.

    I do not know if it is due to Gout or toe injury or both but that’s what I am facing now and trying to resolve it somehow.

    I am sure the shoe does put pressure and possible swelling, which in some cases may trigger Gout.

    Try the 4x wide walking shoes, that may help. It helped me.

    [And hansinnm recommended Birkenstock sandals, which utubelite agreed are a good option. Birkenstock sandals are also available from amazon.com, though I have not yet checked amazon.co.uk or amazon.ca]

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