The article about back pain and gout from 9 years ago is still very popular. Today, we see back pain being associated with gout much more than we used to.

So, there is much more discussion of back pain from gout, and spinal gout, in the gout forums. Now that the gout forums are moving to a new website, it’s a good time to look at the latest discussions. You can see current discussions at back pain with gout and at spinal gout. Better still, start your own discussion to see if your back pain is caused by gout.

Original Back Pain and Gout article follows:

Is Back Pain Caused By Gout?

Your back pain might be spinal gout. A recent study, that I missed from my December 2006 Newsletter, shows that spinal gout is much more common than previously thought.

In a study by Bhandaru and others, Prevalence of Spinal Gout, 630 medical records of gout patients were reviewed and 64 selected where CT scans were available. The authors found that 9 of the 64 scans (17%) showed signs of gout in the spine.

Spinal gout is much more prevalent than previously thought. The authors note that the number of cases, 9, is small and they recommend further study.

On reflection, I suppose gout in the spine is to be expected. After all, the spine consists of several joints. I occasionally get back pain. It’s never been as severe as gout pain in my joints. I’ve always assumed it is caused by posture change due to me limping with gout in my foot or knee.

Given the prevalence, I think I’d better add back pain to my gout symptoms survey.

Do you have any back pain with gout? Have you had it confirmed as spinal gout? Please share your experiences using the gout forum.

You can see old discussions about back pain and gout in How can gout cause back pain?. Join an existing discussion, or start a new topic about gout and your back.


  • Sorry to hear that, Paula.

    Gout never really goes away, but the pain is not constant.

    There might be new treatments available that your brother can tolerate.

    Best to consult a rheumatologist, especially one specialising in gout.

    There is a list of UK rheumatologists at (and many other countries as well as State by State directory for USA).

  • paula barber

    My brother suffers from severe gout and cannot take any of the normal prescribed drugs. I n November he had to go into hospital as his hand and wrist had swelled to a point where he needed an operation. While in hospital he suffered excruciating back pain, to the point where he could not walk for 2 months, on examination the doctors ‘think’ he has gout in his back. He came out of hospital in February and is still not able to walk properly, he is having regular physio,walks with sticks and is only 47.

  • Ed Meshechek

    I am presently experiancing the worse gout that I have experianced. I had my first gout experiance at 28 and am now 55. After going on a fine cruise inJan, 2009 and eating all the wrong foods and drinking all the alchol one should not have, and then a business trip to Las Vegas in Feb of 2009, again eating and drinking like a king, I ended up with my gout. This time, rather than gout in one toe I also experianced gout in a knee and also in my back. I have now been unable to walk very well and it’s the end of April, but it seems that each day gets a little better. Recommendation to other gout pateints. #1, Don’t stop taking your alapuranial or not take it as perscribed. ( As I did ). #2, Watch what you eat. ( Don’t enjoy too much of that fine steak and seafood. As I did ) #3, Don’t drink alchol ( As I did ). The pain, loss of work, lack of ability to walk and having to watch soap operas on daytime TV is not worth it.
    Ed in Wyoming

    • Be very careful with lower back pain. It may be kidneys, rather than spinal gout inflammation. Get kidneys checked by your doctor ASAP

  • Ayurvedic herbs& diet works

    I too have had gout in my toe on and off since I was 40 now 52. Did the diet etc. worked until I was better then back to eating the wrong foods again. Like most of us have done right? Well for the past year I have had bad back pain I,am talking about pain 1-10 it was 8-10+ in pain. I tried the Rx pain killers worked for awhile until I knew I was getting hooked on them ,Not a good thing ,but when your in pain you try anything and don,t say you do not! well last night I thought of the pills I took for my gout long time ago Thought maybe it would help my back-pain too Did,t know Guess what!?? My Back pain is at a 2-3 after 24 hours!!! after one day 3-4 pain I can live with. Here it is (Ayurvedic herbs in pills (Yogaraj-Guggulu) also rub on Mahanarayan Oil. drink lots of water thru out the day. Now it not like a Rx pain pill feel better in 1/2 hour then you need more & more. The stuff works also you must Do a (Ayurvedic Dosha Quiz)and follow it .All I can say is it is working! By the way if you know anyone hooked on Rx painkillers Use (Kratom) tea it will take away the withdraws 100% just don,t get hooked on it too. Good luck & may the Lord Bless you P.S. Pray that works too!

  • Ayurvedic herbs& diet works

    one of the reasons I said to (drink lots of water thru out the day) is that (Yogaraj-Guggulu) works as diuretic to remove toxins /uric acid out of you . I drink lot of water too,but never had I felt as good as I do now.By the way I was never into Ayurvedic meds befor this.thought it waas a joke. I have studyed Homeopathy for 23 years but I,am on day two and so far I feel better than day one ,can,t beat success right!? For the record I,ll post if it does not work. I won,t lie about this Cause all we want to do is stop hurting right? pain this a.m. 2-4 cause back is out. not gout 48 hours ago was 8-10 Hope you all have a pain free day.

    • Cause all we want to do is stop hurting right?

      Actually, you need more than this – you need to ensure that uric acid levels are brought down below 6mg/dL. If not, the uric acid crystals will continue to build up in the spine, causing serious irreversible spinal joint erosion. Yes, we want to get rid of pain today, but it is dangerous to do nothing about the uric acid level.

  • Ayurvedic herbs& diet works

    Also If you are taking(prescribed drugs) don,t mix Ayurvedic herbs with them lord knows what could happend! Homeopathic is safe but not herbs. or Ayurvedic

  • trev

    @ Quote: Homeopathic is safe but not herbs. or Ayurvedic
    I take it you mean- IN usage with prescribed meds?
    It’s a misleading statement if left unqualified , based on your previous posts!

  • Steve Ballance

    Age 61. Had gout for several years starting with it in the big toe. It progressed to the knees a few years ago. I get it every 2-3 weeks and it lasts for about 5-10 days. Last year, 2008, I started getting lower back pain and put it down to my work, constantly bending down. It would last a few days. I take simvastatins and was prescibed Colchosine for the gout. My chemist warned me that the 2 drugs could cause muscle pain, it wasn’t mentioned by my doctor. I also asked my doctor if the gout and backpain could be related. He said NO !!! So, who do I trust ??

  • Ayurvedic herbs& diet works

    Hi Steve : Hey don,t get me wrong here ok. I have got weak started eating meat again etc. like I did before I posted back in Aug 9 . Gout came &back pain came back for me.You wrote( My chemist warned me that the 2 drugs could cause muscle pain, it wasn’t mentioned by my doctor)(So, who do I trust?) Hey not your Doc for sure ! 1. He did not tell you about the two drugs right? 2. google (Spinal Gout) It is real Steve. Not sure about that doctor of yours . Sure hope you feel better.By the way Since we all here are on the computer. any of you getting neck apins if you stay on long? 4 your info. The way I look at the CRT causes me neck pain. Been fighting that for a long time just now found out it is caused by the way I sit . Good luck,but I would fire that Doc!

  • Steve C

    I’m 37 and in the early stages of a gout attack I get discomfort in my back. It feels like knotty muscles but massage doesn’t loosen it up. My back cracks a lot.

    If I don’t watch myself I will get tophi in random joints: shoulder, elbow, hands.

    I am going to try the drink more water advice and see if this helps my situation.

    I had my worst gout attack this spring and my Dr. put me on a course of colchicine which cleared it right up. Colchicine isn’t a lot of fun but it certainly works for me.

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