Likely drug caused high uric acid

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    Mike J.

    Perhaps in the years to come, we will have physicians who are more comfortable with the internet, and patients who are less in awe of their physicians. As I was growing up, physicians were people who were more like teachers, mentors, and authority figures. I am still uncomfortable about the next visit with my urologist and trying to not hurt his feelings since I think he is a genuinely caring person. But we can’t rely of physicians without supplementing that with our own research. Yes, people can come up with all sorts of imaginary illnesses, but we can also be proactive with some knowledge that physicians don’t necessarily have the time for. When I mentioned my yogurt due to the gout, his response was, “Well, try to eat less.” Now that I have looked it up. better advice would have been “Try to time your antibiotic so that it is between meals, preferably two hours after eating and two hours before eating. In addition, take some probiotic while you are on the antibiotic to help keep healthy bacteria in your stomach.” Ultimately, unless the error is egregious and they get sued, physicians don’t deal with the consequences of poor advice. I am sure he will be sorry I experienced the gout (unless he tries to blame it on something else), but he wasn’t the one how could barely walk for a week. Most physicians are great people, but they are not omnipotent or magic like we were taught years ago.

Viewing 19 post (of 19 total)
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