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    Moises Doolittle

    I live in New York City and bought my UAsure from Arctic Medical in England. It arrived a couple of days ago but I used it this morning for the first time.

    I have a lot of experience testing my blood because I am a diabetic, so I measure blood glucose numerous times each day.

    I cannot get a large drop of blood without squeezing the finger. I tried for more than half an hour before giving up. My fingers are all quite sore right now.

    My reading was 4.8 mg/dl, today December 2. I suspect that that is way lower than my actual value.

    I started allopurinol 300 mg on November 17. On November 28 my SUA lab test value was 6.4.

    I took my last allopurinol November 30. I stopped taking it because I could not tolerate the gut discomfort it caused.

    Since I stopped the allopurinol, I expected, if anything, my SUA to be higher than 6.4. Instead it was lower (4.8).

    Maybe 4.8 is an accurate reading or maybe I need to find a way to get blood without squeezing my finger.

    For completely other reasons, I just purchased a (very expensive) Genteel Lancing Instrument. It is supposed to provide painless lancing. It has not yet arrived. But I am not sure if it would be compatible with UAsure because I believe it does use a vacuum to draw blood. It seems to me that a vacuum would have similar drawbacks to squeezing the finger.

    Keith Taylor

    Moises, I’m sorry that you are struggling to get a proper blood droplet.

    There are many considerations here, but I can only write from my own experiences and common sense.

    Firstly, as this is a medical matter, you ought to consult your doctor. I have no idea if the inability to draw a droplet of blood from the finger has any medical significance.

    Years ago, when I had a meter, I was frustrated initially at my lack of consistency. I adopted various rituals to try to remove any variables, and for a time I focused carefully on the lancet settings. By experimenting with different settings, I eventually found the setting that enabled me to perform the test. Note that I do not consider the droplet size to be large – just sufficient to cover the designated area on the strip. If it is too large, it can also affect results, as can an insufficient sample.

    I do not have personal experience of diabetic testing, though I have known people who have had to test daily. From what I saw, the tests were quite different. However, I must stress that I have very little expertise here. I do know that if I ever had a question about my meter, the support staff at Arctic Medical always gave prompt and professional service. They may well have advice about blood testing.

    Also, if you consult your doctor, or practice nurse, they might be able to advise on better techniques or different sample sites.

    My main concern however is “I took my last allopurinol November 30. I stopped taking it because I could not tolerate the gut discomfort it caused.”

    With allopurinol, the correct starting dose for allopurinol is 100mg. If it causes discomfort, there are several options. You can take it at different times of day. Before, during, and after meals. You can take it with other meds that reduce gut discomfort. In many cases, this is not a physical reaction, but an anxiety related condition based on starting a new treatment. It is important to take this seriously, but not so seriously that you become more anxious. Starting any new drug can cause initial side effects that pass after a few days. You need to work with your doctor to find ways round your allopurinol intolerance.

    If you really cannot tolerate allopurinol, then it is vital to discuss alternatives with your doctor. Wait a week or two to ensure no allopurinol remains in your system. Then arrange a 24-hour urine test to assess your uric acid excretion rate. If this is low, your doctor should prescribe uricosuric drugs to encourage excretion. If not, then consider Uloric.

    Please remember that, every day your uric acid is high, the resulting crystals are destroying your joints. This happens whether or not you experience flares. Uric acid control is vital, and your doctor has a duty of care to help you control uric acid safely to 5mg/dL or below.

    Home test units are fine for people who want more data to help them manage gout. However, they are not a valid substitute for professional medical care. At the very least, you need the additional blood tests I described in my 8 rules for allopurinol dosing:

    I hope you can sort out your problems with the uric acid test kit, but I’m even more concerned that you find an acceptable way to control your uric acid.

    Moises Doolittle


    I appreciate your thoughtful post. I tested my UA today, at the same time as yesterday, and it was 6.9 mg/dl, versus yesterday’s 4.8. I am aware that my MD should have started me on 100 mg allopurinol not 300 mg.

    I bought the meter because I am committed to getting my UA below 5 mg/dl. It just might take a while before I figure out the meter and my body.

    Thanks for this site and all the work you do for us.


    Keith Taylor

    “I am committed to getting my UA below 5 mg/dl” – that is music to my ears, Moises. If there is anything I can do to help you achieve your uric acid commitment, please let me know.

    Dorian Kramer

    as to the easy touch meter, I have one, overall in the mornings I have found consistent results of 5.1 to 5.6, tried it at various times of the day and usually it is consistent there were two times it seemed very variable, tonight was one I checked the index finger and suddenly it was up to 7.2 before dinner but after a snack of almonds, since that seemed off I checked it on the next finger,6.3,then thenext 6.8, then 10 minutes later 6.2. The only other change today was I felt a mild flair up that I assumed was coming on due to lowering UA levels, so I tried some colchicine and acetaminophen. That is the only change I have, been managing the gout with diet(primarily vegetarian),herbs, green tea, and acupuncture. it seemed to be successfully, but tonight has me thrown off. I have purchased a new meter and will check it against lab tests this week.
    While researching I did find one study that said generally home meters overestimated UA levels in comparison to lab tests leading to over use of meds, so that is what I am hoping is going on

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