Can hot spicy food affect gout?

December 6, 2012 in Gout

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Hot Peppers And Diet For Gout Sufferers

Hello all fellow gout sufferers:

I was just thinking about gout and hot peppers. I just happen to love spicy food, but have been cautious about it much since my gout was diagnosed.

Does anyone know if spicy food is gout-safe?
(I usually prefer to eat raw *really* hot peppers, but I also enjoy a good hot sauce. I’ve learned that raw peppers are strongly anti-inflammatory, but, my concern is if it will trigger flares or prevent them).

Note: my gout is under control now, SUA levels below 6 for months now, allopurinol 300 mg, and most importantly, pain-free since then.

Kind regards. Great site.

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2 responses to Can hot spicy food affect gout?

  1. I use a lot of spices. Any sandwich without 15-20 rings of Jalapeño does not taste good to me and I do eat a lot of hot Thai sauce.

    I did get acidity due to them while taking Colchicine and Allopurinol. Personally, I have not seen any impact on gout though.

  2. Rather than being a problem, hot peppers, including jalapenos and other chillies could help your gout, providing you follow the diet for gout sufferers guidelines.

    Chillies contain a substance called luteolin, which should help reduce inflammation. As such, chillies fall between gout diet and gout remedy. To read more about luteolin, please see the luteolin gout home remedies page.