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      If you're in despair, and don't know where to turn, leave a message here. Just click "Please Help My Gout!" above, and add your message at the end of the list. Better still, use the search box near the top and bottom of every page, and see if we are already discussing whatever you are concerned about. If you want to ask about any of my services, please click "Using GoutPal" below. Again, the box to ask your question is at the end of the list. The other forums contain old posts, and are little used. Some are closed, and I will close the others as time allows (unless they become busy) You can learn how to ask good questions that get good responses in my Gout Forum guidelines.
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      GoutPal's Gout Store

      GoutPal's Gout Store
      GoutPal's Gout Store
      brings you reviews of products and services that are useful to gout sufferers. Please discuss any gout products or services that you have used, and share your experiences with fellow sufferers. You can also use this forum to ask questions about products and services before you buy them.
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