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    Al O’Purinol

    Hi all,

    Just wondering about a couple of foods and their effect on gout;

    1. vegemite/marmite and other yeast extracts ?

    2. eggs ?

    Anyone have any info please? I love vegemite on toast and eat lots of eggs.


    I haven't seen a vegemite label, but I was put off marmite by the amount of iron in it – harder than giving up smoking Wink (iron is very bad for gout, and most of us get too much)

    Eggs should not be a problem for gout, but lots of them might be bad for cholesterol.



    Agreed, giving up Marmite was one of the biggest sacrifices (although I was thinking more about the yeast content than the iron) can't imagine Vegemite would be any better for a gouty – unless of course that's what makes it such an inferior product WinkCool


     Thanks for the feedback,

    Yes, Vegemite is a yeast extract product (exactly like Marmite).

    Might lay off it for a while.

    Will eat some eggs on toast instead!

    Thanks again




    Hey odo!!!!!YellYell You are picking on one of our National icons, (we are are only a relatively new country- small things mean a lot) even though I think it is US owned now- Kraft.LaughLaugh

    Personally as much as I enjoy the odd taste I have to limit my intake but mainly for the yeast content and only recently I have seen  , possibly on these pages , that it should be avoided for Gout sufferers.

    As an aside it is reportedly high in many of the Vit B group and at times my body craves it, usually when the nervous system is in the low range- it helps when I eat large amounts for a short time.

    It is also good for mouth sores or irritations, gum soreness, sore lips and clears up the condition rapidly when applied like ointment. Just imagine ,a person with liberal amounts of Vegemite layered on and around his lips suggesting to his wife “wanna kiss”. It can be a real turn off or if you both enjoy vegemite a turn on. Didn't work as the latter for me.SmileSmile

    Can Marmite do all these things?

    Just grabbed a bottle and put on two pairs of glasses (the print is so small) the ingredients seem to be mainly the B group of vitamins and yeast. No mention of Iron content. Maybe I am missing something. Checked the Vegemite Site and couldn’t come up with anything.

    Maybe a furphy spread by that Marmite mob.


    Hope it is a furphy, I love the stuff!


    An Anglo-Australian dictionary is in preparationWink

    Leave the Marmite alone guys – we took Rolf Harris of your hands, didn't we?Smile

    [GoutPal exits in search of toast and Marmite, wondering who is going to explain all this to our North American friends]



    Some thigs are worth the risk (couldn't wait for the toast)Laugh



    I don't know I have to do all the work ain't yoose lot edjicated – furphy . Came about when we were helping out in WW1.

    Now GP is picking on Rolf Harris, now he is another Western Australian, and is always welcome back here. He was an acquaintance  of my Mum's family in his childhood days. The Queen likes him, anyway, let him paint her portrait.

    Does Marmite look good if you put it on your lips?

    Sorry pault we have hijacked this Post but maybe now you can eat your Vegemite with a clear conscience and we have increased the sales of both Marmite and Vegemite plus Rolf Harris merchandise. (Tie me Kangaroo down, sport.)LaughLaugh




    Nevermind explaining Marmite to the Americans, who's going to tell 'em about cricket?

    Oops, there I go again…LaughCool



    During college I spent a summer working in a brewery, hic. Is marmite REALLY the slop that we used to hose out of the vat after the beer was fermented. Eccch!

    If so I would think it would be among the very WORST foods for gouties (yeast is all cells and thus lots of nucleic acids.)


    Cricket is a game with NO discernable rules…but at least it moves faster than American baseball which is worse than watching paint dry.


    Discerning cricket. I cannot find his best, but here is something to ensure it’s continuing attraction… 😉



    This POST has really gone off the rails or should that be bails? Cricket – Isn't it winter in the UK? Summer here with cricket in full swing, actually it never seems to stop. (37'C today and  40'C tomorrow, I'm spending  a few hours tomorrow slaving over a hot BBQ cooking sausages for a sausage sizzle- kid's Xmas tree, overlooking 180' of beautiful Indian ocean. Life is tough. Breeze forecast to come in around noon.

    Back on the subject. Both Vegemite and Marmite, from their Sites are claimed to be Vegetarian and there is no mention of Iron content for either.

    PS Vegemite is OK on the spellcheck, but Marmite does not compute.

    Everything in moderation, gentlemen.




    Now I know why Stephen Fry likes cricket:

    The twenty-three year old Stuart Broad is certainly the best-looking cricketer we have ever produced. Melting looks, golden hair, eyes of the bluest blue, he is six foot six of heart-stopping youthful splendour. CoolCool

    The only adjectives missing were “throbbing” and “turgid.” ROFL



    phofab said:

    This POST has really gone off the rails or should that be bails? Cricket – Isn't it winter in the UK?

    Yeah, but we're still basking in the warm glow of the Ashes Wink

    (sorry, couldn't resistLaugh)


    phofab said:

    Back on the subject. Both Vegemite and Marmite, from their Sites are claimed to be Vegetarian and there is no mention of Iron content for either.

    PS Vegemite is OK on the spellcheck, but Marmite does not compute.

    Everything in moderation, gentlemen.


    I'm certain that the UK Marmite site used to have iron listed, or I got it from the label, but now it is on neither. Marmite NZ shows 25% RDA (1.8mg) in one 5g portion! I get more than 5g just licking my fingers.

    I cannot find anything definitive for Vegemite. Nutritiondata.com lists yeast extract with only 0.2 mg, so maybe Marmite (at least in NZ) is fortified.

    I've decided to avoid labels and just enjoy the stuff. After all, I contribute enormously to the availability of the main ingredient.Smile

    I was going to suggest you change spellchecker, until I realized you meant the spellcheck on this forum. Oops Embarassed


    GoutPal HelpDesk

    This topic about gout and iron in Marmite/Vegemite is closed. But, the gout and iron in yeast extract discussions continue in the new gout forum. You can join one of those discussions.

    Or, you can start your own topic to share your questions, experiences, and opinions about gout and iron in food.

    In this discussion, we had a bit of a laugh. But, there are serious concerns about iron and gout. More and more researchers are realizing that excess iron causes gout and other inflammatory diseases. But, how can we enjoy our favorite foods if we don’t know how they affect gout? Can you help me Improving Gout & Iron Guidelines?

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