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    I posted a couple of weeks ago under the “Taking allopurinol Again” Thread–but would like to get some of the insights from more senior gout sufferers who have mastered the art living a managed, pain free life.


    As mentioned in that post around February I started to get attacks on my right  shoulder, right clavicle, right wrist, left foot, left knee all in heavy rotation, one after the other. I started taking allopurinol @ 300mg regularly around mid-march as a means to compensate for “lost time” having given it up alltogether 2 years ago. The attacks would never stop.

    I had my SUA, Liver and Kidney panel tests two weeks ago and all were normal. My SUA reading was roughly at 5.3. The attacks would happen after one joint pain would subside in the span of just 24 hours but would reappear again in any of the above mentioned areas. Btw I use colchichine and celebrex to manage the pain. Someone told me to eliminate exercise during any sign of pain, twitch and I did for the past five days. Attacks keep on coming. 

    Thursday evening it was my shoulder then the pain subsided and went into my knee Friday evening. Pain lessened (knee) Saturday but then transferred to the left ankle by Sunday. Today MOnday it's my left toes in excruciating pain.


    What is happening to me? Why are the attacks non-stop. This is the first time I am dealing with this kind of pattern. Before it used to be–after an attack the pain would be gone in a while (2-3 weeks) before another attack which is usally brought about by overeating episodes. But usually since 2009 to 2010 I was pretty much gout free for sixmonths and that was without AP.


    Btw I've stopped drinking. Have reverted back to being vegetarian last month. 


    Am I shedding old crystals? Is it usually this way (attack coming on a daily or every other day basis) when you are shedding? Or is it something of deep concern?Yell



    Mo- It's going to take a while to shift deposits of urate. You haven't posted any SUA figures- it's hard to guess what might be going on  from this side of the net tbh!

    Fact is, a good lifestyle ,less stress and better diet etc. could actually boost your immune system some- and hence gout flares could be more likely/ persistent for a while. You were only on 100mg AP before- presumably this is now higher. If not, that's probably the answer.

    Even with a higher dose, attacks can't be reversed overnight as a backlog will have built up and recent changes are not going to change much right away.

    Whilst you have good blood figures you are OK on trying your Drs approach- better than many get.

    Have a complete rest from anything except gentle ambulation till you a grip on the gout.

    Type A's are gout prone , I read recently 😉



    Thanks Trev and excatly what I need. Reassurance that I won't get crippled for life. if I were a serial killer—I'd name myself “Crystal Death”.Laugh




    Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I'm taking 300mg of Allopurinol every day for almost a year, SUA of 4.3 (down from 6.5), vegetarian, no alcohol, not overweight and I have almost constant pain and flares. My shoulder is also involved, but it's mostly my great toe on both feet. I drink tart cherry juice concentrate in my 3 liters of water daily, take vitamins, etc… but the gout will not let go of me. I take Aleve 220mg for pain and the Dr gave me Colchicine (which made me very, very sick), shot of Toradol last Friday (that worked but made me very drowsy. I've got a referral to a rheumatologist, so that's who I need to see next. Keep us updated as to your condition. Thanks and I wish you better health!



    Azasadny, thank god for this forum–as it is and from where I come from (Philippines) all rheumies are out of the equation. No one phreaking knows how to treat the gout demon. Yes both of our situations seem alike and hopefully we get out of the constant pain hump in due time. 

    Out of curiosity how long have you had the gout? I've had mine for almost 15 years and only began my allo therapy recently–which is why It'll take a while longer till the devil disappears. In the meantime, more of the healthy lifestyle and if I find a gem along the way will keep everyone updated. I'm looking into the acid/alkaline diet to see if it can fast track some of the crystal elimination.

    Will keep you posted.




       I've had gout “officially” for about 2 1/2 years, but looking back, I've had it for at least 7 years, but I didn't know it at the time and I attributed my shoulder pain to other causes (sleeping on it “wrong”). I'm still in pain after the acute flare-up has subsided and I take Aleve 220mg every 12 hours, along with my 300mg of Allopurinol, which I'll take for the rest of my life. My SUA went from 6.5 to 4.3 but I still have very frequent flare-ups and then constant pain between flare-ups.

      As soon as my schedule permits, I'll see a rheumatologist for further investigation. I'll go in this Friday to have my bloodwork done for my liver disease follow-up to check on my liver enzymes.

      Maybe I just need to eat more lumpia and asso adobo?



    lumpia is ok Laugh but you need to stay away from those with mung bean sprouts sold on the manila streets. safest lumpia is Ubod (palm hearts) best chinese burrito ever. Aso adobo? i'll pass on that one—pork and chicken combo works gastronomic wonders thoughCool



    Hi azasadny and momoy4, both your situation are similar to mine. Ever since I started taking 200mg of allopurinol that pain seems not to disappear. It just started to spread around my knees and hands. Its been 2 and half months of drinking 2 litres of water and taking allopurinol. Mid March SUA was 6.2 . I will try to change my diet. If that doesn't help I'll try the ALKALIZED WATER, cherry juice, apple cider vinager and baking soda.




    Had gout for 5 years now, seems like there's nothing that can really help.





    Hi Lt.

    If i may suggest and really if you find the general advice in the forum–the best way to go is to up the intake from 200mg to 300mg per day. 6.2 is still not a good number as to quote GP “crystals continually form and shed during this phase”. It be best to make sure that your number goes to at least below 6 for starters. I've gotten mine to a comfortable 5++ and this means that I've sort of managed the high numbers so that no new crystals form high enough to bring a severe attack. I'm dealing with the shedding of old crystals and that's what's getting me worried.

    How long? I know it'll take a while as I've had gout for 15 years tops and this is the only time that my attacks have been consistent. (even without the allo). My metabolic tests are A-OK so I guess it's really the old crystals.

    The past two months–especially the past two weeks have been gruelling for me as the attacks won't stop. I hope that maybe in the next few days i just wake up with all the pain gone. Heck an attack every two weeks is ok with me—at least I can enjoy life a bit.

    But the attacks everyday is just too much.Cry

    Btw i look for this site as inspiration–this means so much hope at the end of the tunnel. I hope you can find it here too.




       Salamat po! I appreciate the information you have kindly provided! My gout flare-up has subsided quite a bit today and I went into the lab to have my blood drawn for multiple tests. My Dr is checking my liver enzymes, kidney function and SUA. I'm going to be seeing a rheumatologist soon and another liver specialist.



       My SUA started ay 6.5 and while taking 300mg of Allopurinol a day, it is now 4.3 but I still have regular flare-ups and in between flares, I have significant pain. I'm taking Aleve 220mg every 12 hours and that helps. Colchicine made me very sick and didn't alleviate any of the gout pain, so I'm not taking that again.  


      Good luck to each of you and thank you for sharing your experience!



    Just an update. Pain for the last few 2 weeks has been localized in my left knee and foot. Off celebrex since Monday of last week and has just been doing a steady dose of colchicine to manage inflammation. 2 days ago reduced dosage of colchicine to just 3x a day as pain seems to be subsiding although I still walk with a limp. 

    If pain goes away i wish to sustain it at least for a week until the next attack due to shedding crystals—then I would've had my first milestone! A week's worth as a pain free citizen. Cool



    No more pain for past two weeks. Formula?


    Allopurinol 300mg/ day

    alkaline tablets every other day







    WHat are you taking as 'alkaline tablets?”



    Hello, I am new on this forum and am sorry to say I don't know how to post.  Could someone please advise me.  I am a senior and gout just started in my toes about two months ago.  Wow what agony.  My md says that I shouldn't have recurrent attacks as I am having and although he has me on colcrys he said it is dangerous.  I tried drinking cherry juice and at first thought it would be my salvation but now I am starting another attack.  Has anyone heard of Uricelax as a medication that contains only ogranic products?  It has been highly reccommended by the Gout Center.  Is this a legimate organization?  I know we all are so desperate to relieve this pain we would try most anything but I am hoping someone may have some insight on this product.  Since I am so new at this should I go to a specialist?  My md is a geriatric doctor but I have to wonder how many doctors are highly educated by this mysterious condition.  Please advice, I would appreciate your input,  Thanks, Carold



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